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At this level,  you gain access to most ( but not all ) of our Patreon content, and you also get access to our Discord Server, where you'll be able to chat with us directly, and also chat to other members of the community.

* Videos

* Writing

* Art

*  Monthly Podcast. Each month, we'll be chatting about anything that our tribe wants us to talk about! Each month will have a different focus topic, and we will often have guest speakers to join us in the conversation.

* Behind-the-scenes Updates

3 Months Access to Theo TalksSpecial Offer • 20 days left
3 Months Access to Theo Talks for Patrons who join our Community Access tier at $4 per month.
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With Tribal Access, you get to help us build our Tribe.

As with the previous tier, you will get access to our Discord Server, where you can chat to us directly, and also chat to other members of our community and tribe. But with this Tribal Access, you will

become an active member of the tribe by contributing real feedback, suggestions and engagement to help us along the way. 

Tell us what kind of content you want to see / hear / read here, and we actively work with our Tribal members, to create content that you want us to create!

Each member of a tribe is of value, and we genuinely want to connect and work with you to help us grow.

You will get all benefits from the previous tier, plus:

* Early Access to All Content

* Video Updates

* Thank you email 

* Free Meditation

* Tribal Vote on what subjects and topics you'd like us to talk about on our Monthly Podcast

* Early Access to Events, Workshops & Courses 

* Discounts on Events, Workshops & Courses

3 Months Access to Theo TalksSpecial Offer • 20 days left
3 Months Access to Theo Talks for Patrons who join our Community Access tier at $4 per month.
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Underground Access gives you all previous benefits from the previous tiers, so you will be an active member of our community and tribe, but you also get:

* Access to our 'Theo Talks' podcast.

Now, this isn't any old podcast... 

Theo is a Collective Consciousness of Spiritual Guides from the 5th & 6th Dimensions, and they are FULL of a wealth of knowledge and insights that will quite literally teach you from a whole new perspective!

* You will get to put forward suggestions on topics, and you can ask questions to help you on your own journeys and through your own struggles in life. 

* Theo have a very unique way of viewing the world and life as we know it. They are wonderful teachers who emanate a truthful, no-bullshit, loving frequency that will really support you to raise your own vibration and consciousness, if you allow them to. 

* With this tier, you will also get free access to some of our Udemy courses, as well as opportunities for Live-streams and meetups.

Exciting! :-)

3 Months Access to Theo TalksSpecial Offer • 20 days left
3 Months Access to Theo Talks for Patrons who join our Community Access tier at $4 per month.




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About Creative Soul

Creative Soul was visualized and created by two creative therapists who specialize in Healing Arts & Personal / Spiritual Development.

Who Are We?

Dean Jenkins is a Medium, Intuitive, Energy Healer,
Teacher, Artist & Creative Coach.

Maria Grace is a Writer, Teacher, Intuitive, Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Past Life Therapist & Cathartic Dance Facilitator.

Together, we are teaming up and combining our unique skillsets to create content, workshops, events & retreats that are educational, healing and empowering for our tribe.

We Work With:
  • Energy Healing
  • Personal & Spiritual Development
  • Embodiment & Empowerment Practices
  • Relaxation & Meditation Techniques
  • Movement Therapy
  • Psychedelic Therapy & Harm Reduction
  • Art Therapy

Our Vision:
  • We envision a future where equality, support, healing & growth are available and accessible to all.
  • We want to build a tribe and community that are connected, respected & in-flow with themselves and each other.
  • We would like alternative medicine to be a natural part of our education and lives, and we are committed to sharing, learning & teaching as much as we can to support this movement.
  • We would love to create a life that we don't need a vacation from, and we would love to help others do the same - whatever that looks like to each individual. Sometimes, the greatest adventures are not experienced by seeing new places, but by seeing the places we are already in, through new eyes.
  • We believe that personal & spiritual growth is a crucial part of raising consciousness and helping the planet, and we wish to contribute to this evolution as much as we can.

If we can manage to make even a small difference to the world that we live in, in the short time that we are here, then that's good enough for us!

Please join us on our journey, and let us join you on yours :-)

Much Love,

Dean & Maria
Creative Soul

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