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About Kristy Boisvert

Hello, Creatives, Makers, Artists and Learners of all types!

Welcome to Creativity GROWS Here!

Over the years, my career, my website, blog, artwork, and services have changed and grown. A statement which is truer now than it has ever been. I, like many artists, run my own freelance business. I also have my bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a Specialization in Art Education, which is just a fancy way of saying I’m a qualified art teacher.

For some time now, I’ve been trying to find a space in this crazy world that feels like home, to somehow make and teach art in a way that is meaningful, inspirational, inclusive, and above all else accessible.

My goal with this new project is to help bring creativity and makership (I'm pretty sure I made this word up but I'm going with it) back to those who thought they lost it or maybe never had it to begin with. This will also be a place to hone your skills if you’re already on your creative journey.

I want to inspire people and learn from them. I want to help them see how embracing creativity will help them be better at their jobs, be happier, connect more easily with the world around and yeah, I’ll help you get better at drawing and painting too.

 So! The project will consist of this: FREE CONTENT FOR ALL. 

Videos that will offer:
• technique driven lessons
• strategies for bringing creativity into your everyday life
• talks about the theories and studies that back up what I’m yammering on about
• bonus videos on art you can do with kids
•  weekly live chats to go over questions from my (hopefully) growing audience.

It’s important to me that the content I create remains available to the public for free. This is because education in the arts is so often a privilege that is afforded to those with higher socioeconomic status. It’s unfortunate, but I have met and taught many people, children and adults, who have told me that specialized art classes were never made available at school. Even now, when we know that art and music and dance and drama are essential parts of educating the ‘whole child’ we still have schools that don’t have the budget or personnel to put those programs in place.

The only way to make this project feasible though is with your support. I am committing to creating one year of FREE content. My hope is to create a community of creatives who support and teach each other, a community of makers who help make other makers. You can support me in all sorts of ways, subscribe to my  Youtube channel, join my facebook group, and support me here on Patreon (you’ll get exclusive content if you’re a Patron).

My hope is that with a little luck, a lot of hard work, and an active community I’ll be able to take this project well beyond the first year.The more support I get, the more time I can devote to this project, and the more I can invest in resources for the Creativity Grows Here community.

Keep growing.
Love ya,
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