Creatoring is creating Podcasts

Shape Cult Entered Apprentice

$1 /mo
  • You get a free high five if we meet you at a conference or something
  • Access to the Community Slack Channel
  • Our eternal gratitude 

Shape Cult Fellow Craft

$5 /mo
  • Access to any bonus content we come up with. We'll take suggestions.
  • Stickers!
  • Y'all get first dibs on suggesting questions for our guests
  • Heck yeah, you get a high ...

Shape Cult Secret Master

$10 /mo
  • You can join in on our monthly Creatoring (fake) therapy sessions (on Skype or Google hangouts)
  • Stickers, Koozies, etc. (All Coming Soon)
  • High fives, thank yous, questions, ...