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I’m Creatrix Tiara, a shenaniganist currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

You may recognise me as a co-producer for Quippings, the eponymous Queer Lady Magician, one of Taylor Mac’s Dandy Minions, an Autostraddle staff writer, a contestant on The Chase or Millionaire Hot Seat, my tweets about Marie Kondo or the Malaysian synopsis of Dora the Explorer, my essay about Ello’s lack of privacy options, my Muslim Beauxbatons Harry Potter headcanon, my quip at Slutwalk Brisbane about “the bastard child of Paris Hilton and Lord Voldemort”, or potentially many other things - including things that haven’t happened yet but will soon. I’ve been around.

(the Dandy Minion team for Melbourne Festival's Taylor Mac production in 2017!)

Most of my work explores identity, liminality, and the in-between, particularly as it pertains to my lived experience as a queer genderqueer immigrant femme of colour with mental health conditions. Other topics of interest include pop culture, education, youth empowerment, fandom, technology, travel, business, and various others. I usually pick my form based on what I wish to explore and which opportunities are available, and often incorporate multiple forms at once.

I also work with a lot of organisations and groups worldwide that explore similar issues, particularly those that work with communities marginalised by race, immigration status, gender, sexuality, and/or disability (though not exclusively). Some notable examples include The Village Festival, Quippings, Freeplay Independent Games Festival, Autostraddle, Lesbians Incorporated, Yoni Ki Baat, Center for Sex and Culture, the Global Fund for Women, SOMArts, Vulcana Women’s Circus, and much more.

I really enjoy getting up to fun, strange, unusual adventures, especially when it incorporates other people in my communities. Organising a surprise birthday afternoon tea for a local arts legend, performing as Marie Kondo’s queer counterpart, potentially having something to do with a secret society…maybe…

You can learn more about my work here or see my full portfolio here.

Current & Recent Projects

The Village Festival 2019

Programming team and producer of special immersive experience for experimental multi-arts community festival in Edinburgh Gardens.

Quippings: Disability Unleashed

Co-producing & co-directing experimental project Rebirth for Melbourne-based LGBTQIA disability arts collective. Also co-produced performances for Melbourne Writers Festival and Midsumma 2018.

Sensitivity Reading for the Stage

Research into adapting concepts of sensitivity reading, cultural competency, script development, and similar work towards theatre and live art, in conjunction with the Centre for Dramaturgy and Curation.

SlutWalk Melbourne

Advisory and mentorship work for 2019. Core organiser 2018 and 2017, marshall 2016. Have been involved with Slutwalk around the world (Brisbane, Sydney, San Francisco) since the very beginning.

The Love and Luck Podcast

Voice of recurring character Storm in Australian LGBTQIA slice-of-life audio drama. Co-wrote and performed queer polyamorous love song for special musical episode.

Public Speaking and Panels

Panelist, moderator, speaker, and keynote at Emerging Writers Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival, One Woman Project, VidCon Australia, Freeplay Independent Games Festival, Alterconf, NZ GDC, PAX Australia, Continuum, Creative State Summit, SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau, and much more.

Freeplay Independent Games Festival

Volunteer Manager for 2018 and 2019, also stepped up for other production and organisational work. 

Queer Lady Magician

Stage magic, storytelling, and social justice show about impostor syndrome, fear of failure, and queer feminist takes on classic magic tricks. First show produced and presented at Melbourne Fringe 2018 as part of Women’s Circus Still I Rise Fringe Mentorship program, reprised at Midsumma 2019 as part of Midsumma Pathways, sections performed at The Cocoa Butter Club, Crack X, TAINT, Honcho Disko, and various other events.

Where Does The Money Go To?

Patreon is one of my main regular sources of income. It goes a long way into being able to cover expenses both for creative projects and personal use - for example, buying sewing materials for the stack of costumes needed for Taylor Mac, or paying for transportation to get me to performances on time while carrying props.

Many of the projects I'm involved in are very grassroots, self-funded endeavours that don't tend to pay a lot. They're worth doing because they match with my values and provide a strong sense of community, but there's still material costs to consider. Having Patreon support allows me to continue taking on these projects without too much stress on my finances - and in a way support my peers and community.

How Does This Work?

When you pledge to me on Patreon, you will be charged for your chosen amount per month. This can be as low as $1, or as high as...well Patreon doesn't really say, and I doubt it's infinity, but you could try. You will be billed for your patronage per month.

Patreon takes international credit cards!

Thanks for your support, feel free to contact me whenever, and see you soon!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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