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  • Private Weekly Podcast for Members Only featuring personal news, breaking strange news stories, horror reviews, Patron questions and more. ('The Peter Laws Podcast')

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  • 'Build-the-Story' Paperback from Hell Page.  Each Patron on this tier and above will receive a single page from one vintage horror paperback. On it's own, it might not make much sense, but once enough Creepy Covers have one, they can piece the story together!  

(Note: Physical bonuses will be sent after first payment clears - which is usually on the first of the month)
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Freaky Faithful

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  • Exclusive 'God of the Minor Chord!' Guitar Plectrum!

  • I will send you one genuine, original, collectable Chick Tract! These infamous pocket-sized Christian comics have disturbed/ offended/ amused those who find them in the wild (slipped into library books, left under windscreen wipers etc). Yet not everybody has had the chance to 'get Chicked'. Now you can guarantee it...because I will send you one of these controversial collectables through the post!*

  • All Creepy Cove Music Albums Received as a FREE Digital Download. 

But wait...there's more! The 'Freaky Faithful' tier also offers the following exclusive audio treats, posted intermittently throughout the year. Including:

  • Tales from The Vestry: Spooky, fireside stories with creepy, immersive music. 

  • Creepy Cove 'On The Scene' Town Reports: Join Peter or Rupert for on-location audio tours of some of Creepy Cove's spookiest and most notable areas. 

  • Creepy Cove Sleep Stories: Relax into nightmares, with scary and 'restful' audio tales.

  • Creepy Cove Fitness Experience: Heading out for a run, cycle etc? These scary audio commentaries will immerse you into a calorie shedding sprint for your life!

And don't forget that you also get access to all content in previous tiers!

*Important: Chick Tracts contain fundamentalist Christian teaching which can be shocking and deeply offensive. By supplying you with a Chick Tract Creepy Cove and Peter Laws do NOT endorse or agree with the Chick theology. The tracts are offered to Patrons as a creepy (and controversial) Christian collectable!  

(Note: Physical bonuses will be sent after first payment clears - which is usually on the first of the month).

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About Creepy Cove Community Church


I'm Peter Laws. I'm the creator of Creepy Cove Community Church and I'd like to tell you why I'm launching a Patreon program.

Firstly, I'll be honest. Many people know me as a published author, so they may think I'm a Stephen King high-roller. I'm not. Along with many published writers, I've discovered that I can't make an actual living from book writing alone. That's why I still do various work on the side and am always looking for new opportunities.

After many months of pondering, an idea came to mind and (amazingly) it manages to fuse my love of writing and music, horror and humour and another thing that's important to me...non-judgmental Christianity. That idea is Creepy Cove Community Church: a fictional church set in a mysterious haunted fishing town...where every horror movie actually happened. Yeah, it's a pretty 'out there' concept, but it's already becoming a horror-themed safe space for people to either explore Christian spirituality, be encouraged or to simply be entertained.

People mainly connect with Creepy Cove Community Church through the free podcast. This offers immersive 'church services' every two weeks. Yet as you'll see from this Patreon Page, there's more to this project than just the free church services. To keep the services free, and to potentially help with income, I'm offering a bunch of exclusive content for Patrons, the details of which you'll find by exploring this page. There's a bunch of cool, members-only stuff!

By the way. Even though Creepy Cove is a 'fictional' church, people sometimes ask if I'm a fictional ordained church minister too. Actually, I'm a real one. I still lead services at various churches. However, I haven't been in post at a church for many years. This wasn't because I was fired, I didn't leave through some scandal. I didn't storm out or renounce my faith, either. What happened was very simple. When my first scary novel was published I felt a strong sense that connecting with people through my creativity was what I really ought to be doing with my life.

So that's why I set up this Patreon. It's my way of using my gifts and sharing my interests. Yet it's also a way to give people a positive experience of what I think church ought to be - fun, friendly, thought-provoking, open-minded, loving, non-judgmental and...happy to accommodate vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night.

If Creepy Cove Community Church sounds like something you want to be a part of, then I'm excited to invite you to explore my Patreon page. Perhaps you might like to join me on this journey. If you have any questions, let me know, but for now, thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

Whether you become a Patron or not,

I'll see you at the next service at Creepy Cove Community Church!


In the church office at Creepy Cove, by a crackling fire, during a thunderstorm, with John Carpenter music playing.
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When I reach 50 patrons, I'll invest in more online advertising to help others discover Creepy Cove Community Church. Without those ads, most people have no idea that this unusual and friendly 'church' even exists. 
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