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It's crazy to think that I've been doing Youtube for over 10 years. A decade of non-content. I mean, Blockbuster Video was still a thing back then. I still remember making my first ever video in Windows Movie Maker, parodying Shamwow (ShamanWoW), and being thrilled that people actually wanted to watch something I created.

Over the years, I've seen everything change. The internet, WoW, Youtube, media platforms, people, and myself. Something else that's changed is the way online content creators are viewed and supported. Back in 2009, this was just viewed as some weird hobby. You couldn't even put ads on video-game videos, and there weren't many options of supporting someone financially in that position either. Now it feels like there's too many options to choose from. Kickstarters, Gofundme's, Ad revenue, Merch, Twitch subs/tips/bits, Sponsorships, Patreon and more. Because of that, I never thought to do something like this.

As some of you know, I recently had my Gallbladder removed, and although I do have insurance, the medical bills are still a spicy meatball. I'm by no means broke, but having an extra life preserver in these situations helps the stress of everything take less of a toll on my mental state. You lose focus of the enjoyment of it all, and start focusing on what can make the most money. It's something that wears down anyone that does this for a living - no matter if they have 5,000 subs or 5,000,000 subs. At some point, you need to learn to balance doing this as a hobby, a job, and giving yourself time to detach. 

All of my medical adventures lately have given me time time to detach and analyze my life. My Youtube has become somewhat of an afterthought. The advertiser controversy, algorithms changing, and other variables have demoralized me a bit on that front. However, I've loved streaming on Twitch. Most of my time has gone into that But why? I think it's because of all the reasons I got into Youtube. I actually have fun playing games, talking to chat, and not worrying about 'what game or video length is going to make the most money'. I just play what I want, for as long as I want, all while forming an awesome community. It revitalized my love being an online entertainer. So when the stream suggested I make a Patreon, it was the first time I actually took it into consideration, and here's why:

Freedom to Create.
Although Twitch has ad revenue, I'd rather there be no ads. It's of minimal importance. And that's because of people like you. It's far more impactful, and meaningful, when someone directly tells you how much they enjoy what you do, and support you because of it. You can focus less on what the 'advertisers' want, and more on what your fans want, and what I want to create. At the same time, if people aren't supporting me, I know that something isn't right, and that I need to work harder or make a change. 

With this Patreon, I want to get back to those older Youtube days. I want to have fun creating videos again. With your support, I have the ability to do that. I don't have to worry as much about what's advertiser friendly, the monthly ad rates, or video algorithms - just about making what I love to make.

Thanks for reading my mini-essay here, and hopefully I've been able to entertain you in someway over these past 10 years. Meeting the hundreds, or thousands, of you in real life at conventions, and talking to you all in Twitch chat, has opened my eyes to how all of us are just regular people trying to get through life and have some fun along the way. With your help, I hope to continue doing that.
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I looked up what a couch at IKEA costs, and this was the first one I saw, so I made that the next goal.
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