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With this tier, you will receive our stickers every month you support us. We have multiple images, and more are coming. They are high quality, weatherproof (sun and rain), and beautifully made. Slap them on your laptop, your car, or your cats head. No matter where you put them, they'll look great and improve its value by 400%
(Value of said item depends on angle of sticker, and alignment of Jupiter with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile)

Producer Sized Pilsner Glass & Coaster
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Supporters of this tier will receive the title of Producer Of Podcast, also a large 24 oz highly durable pilsner acrylic beer glass labeled with the world famous Cretins Guild barrel girl image.

Also includes a Cretins Guild Championship Coaster.




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About The Cretins Guild

The Cretins Guild are a trio of fouled-mouthed friends; Jay, Bob & Corey who produce the Nerd Or Not podcast where we discuss Nerdy Culture, Movies, TV, Comics, Video Games, Tiki Drinks, Pro Wrestling, and anything else that floats our boat.

We also make humorous videos on YouTube along with Theme Park Vlogs, Reviews, and even some Family Friendly Gaming!

So why the patreon? Well, it's not for more legos, dole whips, or movie passes. Hosting sites cost money. And we're looking to offset those costs, while providing our supporters a unique way to proudly show their own membership to The Guild. Within time, we also want to start up a great website that will provide articles, reviews, and other nerdy goings on!
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Help with podcasting hosting and save up for website design.
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