Paweł Mączewski is creating CrewFaux app for Malifaux

A Gremlin

$1 /mo
Become a Gremlin. 

Help with the development of CrewFaux. You'll be a proud supporter of the app, have an access to patrons feed here and, if you wish, you can be mentioned in the app's credits. 

A Neverborn

$5 /mo
With a $5 a month support, you'll be entered into the monthly raffles once they are unlocked. Plus you'll have an access to patrons feed here. 

An Outcast

$10 /mo
With this support tier you're basically saying that you love the app. Lets be BFFs ;)

With the $10 a month you get into the monthly raffle for t-shirts and, possibly, other stuff with CrewFaux, ...