CrimDa is creating Comics and Animations

Dazzling Darling

$1 /mo
—A heartfelt 'Thank You' for your consideration of my projects! 

—Access to exclusive posts. 

—+1 Karma 8D

Silly Surprise

$5 /mo
A monthly surprise! This could be stupid art, a stupid sketch, or an article about a specific character.

Polished Pee-Ess-Dees

$10 /mo
—Ability to vote in crucial story polls. 

—Access to Select PSD files in all their raw, horrible, and completely messy glory.

Kool Kommission

$35 /mo
'Kommission' with a 'k' because that means it's cooler! On this tier you can request a single character commission of your choosing.  Drawing will be digital, lined, and colored with shading. Backg...