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Once a month ya'll can vote on what you want me to do! The POWER. 

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You'll see what I doodle out and the linearts of what I plan to color before I color them. 

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Humanformers are my thing. I'm gonna try to make one for each Transfomer, get a first look and design input here!




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About Crim

Welcome to my Patreon page! You can call me Crim!

I'm a pre-med university student who still manages to keep an interest in art close to their heart. I've got my mind set on forensics, but I've got a long-held dream of art and illustration that manifests into fanart and personal projects for my myself and to share with others. By supporting my Patreon, you can support me in exchange for content that I really enjoy creating. I've got a comic in the works that I hope to show here, as well as early viewing of fanarts and a decent say in what I make here if you choose to support me. 

Thank you for your support!
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If I reach $200 a month, I'll begin my web-comic idea, and offer it to you all as an extra.
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