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About Crimson Igarashi

I am a beginner streamer with hopes of making high quality content as I progress and improve my skills so that this will become a FT time to support me and my family. 
In my childhood as I quite the JRPG fan. I had to put video gaming off for a few years when other life scenarios became more important. I'm at a place in my life where I can now get back into my favorite childhood hobby, and it would be fantastic if I could share my fun with anyone who wants to join me on my channel. 
I will not be focusing my channel on any specific video game category as of yet. I do intend to stream MTG Arena along with a variety of Playstation games. Hopefully I will figure out my my preferred style along the way, or just continue to dabble into a little bit of everything. We shall see as my channel grows and evolves.  

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