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About Cristina Orbe

We are in a time of immense change. Where the impacts of corporatism, capitalism, and hierarchy are being felt and seen in every part of the world. The overriding narrative is technology and artificial intelligence will "save" us from ourselves. Unlikely, since the technology we create will inevitably be a reflection of its creator and therefore embedded with even more efficient forms of the maladies that have led us here.

I think the answer lies in the earth. It is within plant spirits, elemental intelligence (earth, air, fire, water), in traditional knowledge, ancient temples, sacred mathematics,  altered states (not always plant assisted), ritual, community healing, etc etc. I am seeking knowledge that might reconnect and heal whole communities. I am seeking medicine that would heal whole masses of land, air, and water.

I am seeking something some might say is impossible but that I know has always been here and is calling me to connect with it. I am guided by wisdom of my heart and the whispers of my body. I am held by my plants and their endless wisdom. I am completely certain I will arrive to where my dreams and visions have shown me. I welcome you to join me on this quest. Your support will make these discoveries possible. I will share much of my learnings with you as I travel thru central america.  If you are drawn here, my hunch is you feel it is time to seed a new consciousness. One that is both ancient and of the future. A way of being that is in harmony with our spirits and our ancestors.  A way of being that will guarantee a thriving future for our great great great great great grandchildren, grandnieces and nephews.

Cristina Orbé is a non-profit founder, artist, educator, and seeker. In 2008, she co-founded FEEST, a nationally (USA) recognized youth food justice organization, that continues today without her leadership. Over the past 15 years, she has released several albums and toured internationally as a musician. In 2009, she became ill with debilitating chronic pain accompanied by a range of symptoms that puzzled western medical doctors. In 2012, she completed a 6 month master plant dieta with Ricardo Amaringo at the Ayahuasca healing center Nihue Rao in Peru. The dieta, coupled with the body work of bonesetter Maria Luisa, completely healed her body from chronic pain, joint and low back injuries. Her story appears in Joe Tarfur's recently released book "The Fellowship of the River". Working with plant intelligence has deeply influenced her personal journey and her perspective on the collective healing that must emerge for societal advancement. She is currently studying plant spirit medicine, ancient Aztec and Toltec practices, and indigenous cosmologies.

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