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"Formian Shorts" (They're Comfy and Easy to Wear)

We do an Improv Warm up before every Critical Ditto record. Usually, we embody various characters from our Pokémon World and imagine what they might be up to or visit a specific moment in their past.

By supporting at the S-Class Trainer level, you get to listen to our short form Improv and learn a little more about some of the minor characters of the Formian Region!

We can't wait to share Formian Shorts with you, and have plans for plenty of other exciting bonus content too!
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    • "GM DIARIES" - See Stew as he records a brief video before and after a session of Critical Ditto...and compares the chaos that unfolded to what he thought MIGHT happen!*
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    • Got a decent mic? Be the voice of 'Previously on Critical Ditto...'
  • PRIORITY Midsection Character Submission
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*Available from Season 3 Onwards.
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  • Early access to episodes
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About Critical Ditto


Critical Dittois a tabletop role playing podcast set in the world of Pokémon! We put the focus on fun collaborative world building and natural improvised storytelling!

Four friends with an unending passion for Pokémon want to take you on a journey quite unlike anything you've heard before...or they've heard they are pretty much making it all up from scratch.

Each week, Stew, Ali, David and Tom gather around a kitchen table to tell the story of Kenny, Theo and Brandi, as they set off on their very on Pokemon adventure in a completely made up Pokemon region. 


Being a self-funded indie podcast is a lot of work, but your direct support can help us in so many ways:

  •  It allows us to spend more time creating and editing content for YOU!
  •  It helps us pay for things such as equipment upgrades, so we can continually improve our content (Help us thwart Evil Whismur and his dastardly attempts to sabotage our audio)
  • It helps us with recurring fees, such as potential websites, and editing/recording software
  • It helps us pay for art commissions, which in turn we can turn into Merch Rewards for you!
  • It helps us pay for licensing music and/or sound effects
  • It helps us with buying and shipping giveaway/contest prizes


100%. We of course understand that not everyone can support us monetarily and that is MORE than OK. Other ways you can help are:

  • Tell your friends about the show!
  • Leave us a Review/Rating on iTunes (this helps so much with visibility for the podcast!)
  • Share us on social media (or share your thoughts on the most recent episode) with the hashtag #CriticalDitto
  • Follow us on Twitter (@criticalditto)
  • Join our community discord at:

We want to share both our love for a classic franchise, and our deeply chaotic story with all of you, so the biggest support you can offer is simply to continue tuning in!


When we started this podcast adventure we never dreamed we'd be in a position to offer a Patreon, but we're consistently bowled over by the community our little pod has fostered and the wonderful people we've gotten to know through it. 

If you feel like you can help us to continue this journey and keep delivering wacky Pokémon Improv to your ear holes every other week then we cannot fully express our gratitude.

From Tom, Ali, David and Stew - Thank You!
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At this incredible goal, all the Dittos will be able to Upgrade their recording Microphones and further improve that sweet sound quality!
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