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Patron-only polls, in which YOU get to pick a new episode of CANCELED TOO SOON, every single month!

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  • THE CANCELED TOO SOON MONTHLY MOVIE: Bonus podcast episodes produced exclusively for Patreon describers, in which Bibbs and Witney review weird, obscure or just plain awful movies, mini-series or specials from throughout television history.
  • THE RANDOMIZER: The randomest podcast we've got! Bibbs and Witney review a random episode of a long-running show they've never seen, with the help of a fan who knows their stuff!
  • Patron-only polls, in which YOU get to pick a new episode of CANCELED TOO SOON, every single month!
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  • ALL OUR YESTERDAYS: An exclusive bi-weekly Star Trek podcast, where Bibbs and Witney review every episode of Star Trek ever, in production order!
  • ONLY THE BEST: The podcast where we review every Best Picture nominee, in chronological order, year by year!
  • EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS throughout the year from Bibbs and Witney, including movie reviews, TV reviews, and more!
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CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED is more than a podcast, it's a LOT of podcasts.

Film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold have been producing podcasts together for nearly ten years, and right now they're making more than ever! There's CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED, where they review new movies and debate the biggest topics in entertainment, WE'VE GOT MAIL, where they answer YOUR emails, EPISOE ZERO, where they explore the pre-history of your favorite blockbusters, THE IRON LIST, a giant-sized monthly show recommending the best movies ever, and CANCELED TOO SOON, where they review TV shows that lasted only one season or less!

Making all those podcasts, every single week, is time-consuming, and it's expensive. We watch every single episode of our CANCELED TOO SOON shows when we review them, we watch multiple new releases every week for CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED, and produce a lot of Patreon-exclusive content on top of that! That means we're spending we're spending anywhere from eight to twenty hours a week researching these shows, another two hours recording each episode, and another couple of hours editing and uploading them.

That's a lot of time spent away from our day jobs, away from our families. We pay for most of the research materials ourselves (when they're not lovingly donated to us) and we pay for the podcast hosting fees and equipment. And that's why, if we want to keep producing CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED, WE'VE GOT MAIL, EPISODE ZERO, THE IRON LIST and CANCELED TOO SOON on a regular basis... we need your help.

But... we don't want you to do it for nothing!

Subscribers to the newly rebranded CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED Patreon page will get a ton of additional content, including opportunities to vote for future episodes, online hangouts, and - if you can believe it - even MORE PODCASTS!!!

ALL OUR YESTERDAYS, where we review every single episode of every STAR TREK series in production order!

OUT OF GAS, where we review every single episode of FIREFLY!

, where we review every single film ever nominated for Best Picture, in chronological order! 

NOT ON DISNEY PLUS (formerly THE CANCELED TOO SOON MONTHLY MOVIE), where we review movies and mini-series that are mysteriously unavailable on Disney's streaming service!

COMMENTARY TRACKS, where we offer free commentaries for movies readily available on streaming!

What's that? You say you want more? You say you want us to another multi-year deep dive into one of the most popular geek tv shows in history?!

Okay, fine. If we can make $5,000 per month, WE WILL REVIEW EVERY EPISODE OF BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. Not only that but we'll do one Patreon-exclusive podcast for every single episode. Yes, even the crossovers and movies. It's a giant undertaking, but we'll do it just for you... but only if we can make enough money to keep a roof over our heads. (We might even be able to afford to upgrade our recording equipment, and finally invest in video!)

And hey, if you want even MORE you can also visit the CANCELED TOO SOON STORE, where we have t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more great stuff branded with our logo and - coming soon - the faces of our hosts (as if they were Madballs) and even more great designs inspired by your favorite CANCELED TOO SOON episodes, gags, catch phrases and more! 

If you're still looking for even more ways to help the CANCELED TOO SOON mission, then wow, thank you! You can also help expand our research library by sending us tv shows from the official CANCELED TOO SOON AMAZON WISH LIST.

So once again, we implore you. Join us in our ongoing adventures, or else CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED, WE'VE GOT MAIL, EPISODE ZERO, THE IRON LIST and CANCELED TOO SOON could be... canceled too soon!
$2,868.96 of $5,000 per month
If we start making $5,000 per month, we'll review every episode of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, one per podcast! That includes the movies and crossovers and spin-offs! We'll also finally be able to upgrade our equipment and produce some video content!
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