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We've all encountered libertarians on the internet: the pushy, free-market equivalents of Jehovah's Witnesses who badger almost every discussion with claims that freedom and markets will provide salvation. Like the JW's, they are practiced in arguing their side and we are not, so they are difficult for us to rebut. For more than 20 years I've provided simple, direct rebuttals to their ridiculous claims as a hobby. Now I'd appreciate some financial assistance as I spend more time adding more links, more summary articles, better indexing and more features to my web site: Critiques Of Libertarianism.  It is the grand-daddy of criticism of libertarianism on the web, 20 years old and one of the earliest web sites extant.
Why is it important? During the past 40 years, libertarianism has been promoted by hundreds of millions of dollars from the Koch brothers (and others they organize) to promote the interests of the 0.01%, the ultra-rich. Using think-tanks, media, astroturf organizations, academics and others, they have brought about huge academic, political, legal and popular attention to their agenda. An agenda which is entirely opposed to social justice and social programs for the 99%, preferring only the freedom of the wealthy. The result is capture of the Republican Party in the interests of the ultra-rich and giant corporations.
Over the years, I've received thousands of emails from visitors to my site, thanking me for helping them reject and argue against libertarianism. Even libertarians thank me: I do not require any particular belief to criticize a bad libertarian argument. Please assist me to oppose this hydra-headed ideology: any contribution is helpful.
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