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At a Glance

$1 /creation
Thank you so much for you Support!

- This first tier is those who want to see what is offered in our bundles. We will provide you with a glimpse of things we offer in pretty packages

- We...


Beauty of Color

$8 /creation
Thanks So MUCH!
- This first bundle lets you expierence 5 beautifully colored pages at their full resolution of the creature comic Descry. 

- There is also 2 colored sketches in ...


The World Traveler

$20 /creation
- On top of receiving 5 full resolution pages of Descry, but also see the next 2 pages in advance!

- Not only that, but see sketches and other sneak peaks of Descry, from comic ...


The Guidesman

$30 /creation
- As you delve into the world of Descry thanks to the other perks above, you will also be able to take a closer look at the world itself and it's creatures:

This is the first Physical Re...


Two Galaxies, One Similarity

$50 /creation
So you've been taken into the World of Descry through the teirs above, which will also be present, but now, you will travel to another world, a new comic:

- Receive a PATRON- ONLY view of a trad...


Everything Desired is Won

$100 /creation
Along with everything above, we take our steps into the ultimate prize:

- Receive a full, unique, one of a kind illustration related to Descry or ATCT in either watercolor or colored pencil sign...