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This is for people who simply want to show their support for myself and the channel.  Instant access to the discord is granted.

Unreleased Lil Nas X Video
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Many times videos that i start don't make it to the Croc Gang Channel due to time, accessibility, and other factors. I had spent over a month on a lil nas x video (pre-7 EP) that never ended up making it onto the croc gang channel and is currently taking up space on my laptop. You will have access to this video along with lower tier benefits.

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Behind the Scenes looks at videos
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 Many videos that have made the channel have a lot of behind the scenes footage I have saved into my laptop without a purpose. A lot of video ideas I've had I jotted down notes for whether they actually made it to the channel or not. This will give you access to both, Unreleased vids, and discord ranking




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About Notorious Pat CGE

Alright people, in order for me to be able to do YouTube the way I want to do and afford to make videos long term, I need to be able to make a living off of it. Everybody who supports me on here will be a contributing factor in helping me reach that goal and will also contribute in allowing me to afford funding for projects I've had to hold back on doing due to limited resources.

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