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Every day, the Great Lakes has more tech startups and tech funding, but it still needs tech news to keep up. Support Cronicle Press's news coverage and networking efforts across tech industries in Ann Arbor-Detroit and the Great Lakes region, and we'll continue to expand our coverage of topics of interest to you, and keep you in the loop on our behind-the-scenes efforts to get tech folks together for more geeking out together on industry topics. We have already covered hundreds of tech companies out of Ann Arbor and Detroit and across the state of Michigan, but we have only scraped the surface. 

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You want to support the work Cronicle Press Tech News is doing to expand news coverage of the historic growth of tech in the midwest, and you can afford a little bit more to help us do more work in this growing niche. 


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Ann Arbor and the Midwest's growing tech and startup scene needs media coverage and interviews with creative professionals at every level, online roundtables, and event coverage. If you're a tech company in Ann Arbor, Detroit, or across the Great Lakes and Midwest, support Cronicle's ongoing news coverage efforts so we can create more of what everyone in the Midwest tech scene loves and can keep you in the loop connecting with other founders and tech thought leaders. We will display your logo on the Cronicle company list page for your city. 



About Cronicle Press

Cronicle Press is an Ann Arbor-based tech news source for the growing Great Lakes tech industry. Midwest tech is experiencing historic growth, but media is under-funded, which has resulted in a grossly underserved tech and startup space, and there is still very little tech-specific media between the coasts. Join in supporting Cronicle as we go behind the scenes to bring you news of tech companies' latest innovations, roundtable discussions on industry issues, and interviews with visionaries and creatives in the tech space to raise the visibility of the growth of Midwest tech and help founders and talent connect across regions and silos, covering software, security, life sciences, sustainable energy, and other tech-enabled industries in Ann Arbor, Detroit, and other cities across Michigan and the Great Lakes.
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When we reach our goal, we will hire freelance photographers and journalists embedded in each region we cover across the Great Lakes, which means more coverage that keeps you connected to what's going on in Great Lakes tech. 
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