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Phantom Tipper
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The Crooked Thimble has a ghost problem. You can be seen - but not felt - and this causes our barkeep endless trouble. She's always leaving fresh drinks out for the translucent figures at the bar, and the stacks of filled glasses are getting silly. At this level, you've dropped a little something in the tip jar. We have no idea how you managed this. Great job!
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Trans-dimensional Patron
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Welcome to the Crooked Thimble! We don't know how you found the door, it seems to just show up in all sorts of crazy places. We had a locksmith come look at it once, but he was eaten by a grue. We hope mice are not a delicacy on your world, and we assure you the Innkeep is both hygienic and capable.

At this level, you can participate in our occasional Trans-dimensional Livestream. Ask questions in the chat, and we might even answer them! Be the first to hear the latest gossip and news surrounding our game projects and podcasts!

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