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The Crooked Thimble has a ghost problem. You can be seen - but not touched - and this causes our barkeep endless trouble. She's always leaving fresh drinks out for the translucent figures at the bar, and the stacks of filled glasses are getting silly. 

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Welcome to the Crooked Thimble! We don't know how you found the door, it seems to just show up in all sorts of crazy places. We had a locksmith come look at it once, but he was eaten by a grue. We hope mice are not a delicacy on your world, and we assure you the Innkeep is both hygienic and capable.

At this level, you can participate in our occasional Trans-dimensional Livestream. Ask questions in the chat, and we might even answer them! Be the first to hear the latest gossip and news surrounding our game projects and podcasts!

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Hi, I'm Briana Dempsey (She/her; They/them), artist, unity-tinkerer, data nerd; I like scripting/coding text animation and drawing pretty clothes. I'm joined here by Trick Dempsey (She/her), game designer, writer, gm. We're here on our Patreon thing to support our joint efforts to bring gaming, our fiction, and our arts [both traditional and video game] to the eyes and ears of more folks.

We've taken down the welcome video while we make a new one, it was quite out of date on both our current projects and our identities. :)

Our ongoing projects include:
  • Weekly art live streams with B in our discord.
  • Irregular gaming live streams with Trick.
  • a space faring magical horror video game based on The Yawhg;
  • and various things related to our Iron Immortals setting!
  • I guess also my Dragon Quest 11 fanart shenanigans

Other places you can find us:
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At 350 usd a month we're nearly halfway to having our rent covered! (usd goes pretty far in Sweden, woo) Let's do something cool to celebrate! We'll start brainstorming when we get a bit closer.
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