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Originally conceived as Just Another Crossover Fighting Show, Crossover X consists of a team of individuals (both talented and aspiring) who wish to bring many creative forms of entertainment, informative programming, and story-based projects to audiences across the globe. From analyzing the power of fictional universes, to seeing beloved characters engage in battle, and even witnessing an amalgamation of heroes and villains that you’ve only been able to dream about.

Our team is comprised of a wide-array of producers, artists, animators, voice actors, writers, editors, and researchers; all of whom share similar desires to combine their abilities and mold it into works of art.

What We Produce

(Hosted by DJTiki & m3Atl0afman)

(Featuring original compositions from TheManPF, Sketch the Conductor & more!)

Currently in Development

(Created by ExplosionMage)

Ring-Out Rampage

It's Showtime!
(Illustrated by Kaneko)

Behind The Royale

Our mission is to bring our audience high-quality entertainment (forged with the united efforts of many) that can not only be enjoyed upon their initial completion, but also continue to be savored for years to come. In addition, we wish for the audience to develop their knowledge, skills, viewpoints, and identification for meritorious research, efforts, and storytelling. As evident in the samples of our work listed above/below.

Why Patreon

In our first year producing Battle Royale and related programming, we realized that there are many ideas we want to bring to reality. However, original projects like these require the development of new, high-quality resources and assets to produce. (If we could produce everything we wanted for free, we would)

By contributing towards Crossover X, not only are you supporting the passion and efforts of many talented contributors from across the world, you are also playing a hand in the development of awesome shows made by fans, for fans. Even a single dollar can go a long way, and each dollar spent builds a better, brighter future for Crossover X as a channel and network.
$149.38 of $300 per month
At this goalpost, we can continue to make even more content for our audience. NEW shows are coming in for the Patreon too. You'll know soon enough. 
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