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About Crow's Path

100% of the proceeds from the Wild Burlington Newsletter go directly to supporting Crow's Path.

The mission of Crow's Path is to cultivate a community of compassionate, empathetic stewards of the natural world who are deeply rooted in themselves, their relationships with others, and the places in which they live by fostering, supporting and creating hands-on opportunities for reconnection. We do this through story, skill-building, adventure, song, art, and exploration with a focus on natural history, permaculture, earth skills/art, and education. And now, through the Wild Burlington Newsletter.

Teage, author of the newsletter and founder/ED of Crow's Path, is a naturalist in New England, interested in exploring the intersection between the urban and wild, and finding his place in the web of living and nonliving others. He loves sharing this with others through his work teaching natural history. The story of the natural world is written in a language that is foreign to many of us. Through primitive skills, natural history, writing, photography, and hours and hours of time out in the woods, he's slowly begun to translate its words, decipher its syntax, to read the stories, effectively orienting myself in accordance with the natural world. He teaches others the skills essential to read this language. Follow along with the monthly newsletter to begin to read the stories the wild world has to tell.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post