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Come join me on a journey through this ancient book of Chinese wisdom and spirituality that didn't draw me away from a Christ-centered faith, but actually helped me hold onto it.

This weekly podcast will work through the Tao te Ching chapter by chapter, exploring how so many of its themes and principles are directly applicable to spiritual life as a Jesus follower. The TTC was never meant to be a religious text in the way many people assume, so is there no reason we cannot take and learn from it, especially when it can provide such a needed perspective shift for so many of us. You can follow the blog, podcast, and all of my other work at www.coreyfarr.com.

It's a very rare thing to find something actually original online, but I feel confident in saying that this podcast is totally unprecedented. There have been books and lectures on Christianity and the TTC, but I have not been able to find anything quite like what I'm doing here - especially not in podcast form. (However, I am not alone in thinking the TTC is a valuable text for Jesus-followers. That view is shared by a respectable number of Christian thinkers, so I'm not jumping totally into uncharted territory.)

Since I work in the Middle East with Syrian refugees and orphans, I live on a budget that is 100% funded by donors. This Patreon is my way of trying to help fund some of my own ministry, and any funds raised will help me be a more sustainable overseas worker.
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When I hit $35 per month, I'll have enough money to cover my hosting costs. This is reason #1 for launching this Patreon in the first place!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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