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About Anders J. Aamodt

My mission is to find an escape route for everyone to exodus Facebook. The elysian summerlands will be decentralized, fully distributed in computer memory storage and political-conceptual space, and it will be like Google Drive without Google Drive plus free computers. My art is to create an easy-to-use packet of the most advanced liberating computer technologies. This is harder than it sounds.

My art is designing "introspective interfaces", which are a new genre of ambient game which help you to contemplate and reflect. For the last ten years, I have been researching the psychology of self-actualization and the ways that screens affect us.

It's time to put this research into action by creating a movement which can trigger epiphanies, encourage poetic language use, and help us to relax.

Why do I need your help?

Currently, no accessible, decentralized, well-funded public art platform exists. Emerging technologies are making it possible for anyone to create art that is loved by many. These new markets allow an effervescing of political systems into new concoctions, making political systems into colognes, fragrances which can be branded and sold on the market. This will allow new regimes of artistic governance to coalesce, out of a global monoculture (or NWO).

These new software platforms do not yet fully exist, or, if they could be pieced together with existing technology, this technology is not widely known or accessible. By making these futures more easy to access, all of the best updates can be had by all. Click.

What do you get?

The software of the future will implement a floodgate referral network, but I've emulated it here in Patreon's payment structure:

$30/month - weekly phone calls, planning meetings, ultimate secret initiations immediately (USII package).
$20/month - monthly phone calls and planning meetings
$15/month - official student of the Internet School of Magic
$10/month - as-needed consultations
$5/month - free access to future apps and other published goods

If you sign up with someone else, you get the level above (it stacks for trios or groups!).

App features

At right, you can see a screenshot of a prototype that I made in Processing. This prototype showed that the core "gameplay" mechanic was fun, intriguing, and contemplative. Here are the basic features of the final interface:

  • Enter words and phrases to contemplate
  • Connections grow between words as you play with them on the screen
  • Flick words off the screen to send them to memory
  • Search to recall words from memory, or scroll through history
  • Click the "Insight" button (not pictured) to generate a never-before-seen combination of your own words, based on their connections (will trigger epiphanies)
  • Tune the color of words by drawing circles around them—categorize your words any way you like
  • Easy export features so your words aren't locked-in (later versions will sync with a decentralized cloud)
  • Native Android application with elegant interface and OS integration (much prettier than the prototype screenshot at right)
It may seem simple, but there is nothing out there like this! The algorithms under the hood which combine your own words in novel ways are partially based upon the connectionism of your own brain. This truly innovative feature of the app is what may help to trigger leaps of insight in a unique and accelerated way.

What are others saying?

“This is an incredibly valuable gift that you've left here for anyone to find. Thank you.”

“/u/raisondecalcul is one of the more enigmatic and fascinating members of reddit imo”

“I just read your post . . . and it was the convergence of a million different synchronous events. It... that.... oof. It was beautiful. Just about the best thing I can think of as a little fuel to fill my lantern as I descend into the machine myself to unchain and arm teenagers as foot soldiers in Her astral tragicomedy. So, I just wanted to say thanks. A million thank yous. You rock, /u/raisondecalcul.”

Read the full proposal

I wrote a complete proposal for this software, detailing its purpose and features. (The original audience was volunteers at the Nalandabodhi Buddhist center in Seattle, WA.)

Other projects

I am also working on a number of other projects related to social healing:
  • Anders is creating the Coalition of Invisible Colleges: I am piecing together the Coalition of Invisible Colleges, a cooperatist movement of peer education, crypto-anarchism, permaculture, post-Occupy activism, and illuminati networking. Please contact me on Telegram if you are interested in becoming connected with this decentralized movement.
  • Anders is creating software for a post-capitalist economy and totally decentralized social networking: With Ceptr (a member of the Coalition of Invisible Colleges), I am helping to program the platform which will provide truly decentralized alternatives to both Facebook and Ethereum. (Ceptr will also be a backend for a decentralized post-Patreon network with zero fees—100% of all transactions will arrive at their destination.)
  • Anders is creating a peer-to-peer artist mentoring and development network: On Telegram, I am developing community organizing tools which can be be used to form a peer-based encouragement and accountability network to boost your friends and allies and to help them launch their career as an artist. In other words, we are building a mentoring network to help more people figure out what art they want to create, and to help them get their life and a funding model together so that they can create it!
  • Anders is creating a school for contemporary wizardry: Via the Internet School of Magic, I teach classes on alchemy and other forms of self-healing—and I run a shamanic hotline anyone can call 24/7 in case of spiritual emergency.
  • Anders is creating books: I am also writing a number of books. My writing is available on my website.
  • Anders is creating a new form of peer-to-peer, nonpartisan political canvassing: With the Coalition of Invisible Colleges, I am developing a new form of peer-to-peer canvassing. This p2p canvass will connect people with local services, teach effective skills of contemporary activism, and build a rich mesh of local and planetary community support and action.
You can get involved in these networks by messaging me on Telegram.

Thank you for reading about my work, and thank you for all your support and encouragement! It means the world to me.
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