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About Cruz Moore

My name is Cruz Moore, the creator of Cruz and YouTube channel SeparateWay. With a life’s dedication to cinema, I’m an independent director & editor who strives to make creative and diverse film.

  • Why Patreon? 
I balance my day job with my passion for filmmaking and thus I’m unable to fluently work on the projects that matter most to me. By becoming a patron and donating a small amount to my efforts you will greatly help contribute to the production of future videos and shows me that someone is watching and wants to see more!

  • What can you expect to see?
Look Closer
- A film analysis series that explores a variety of insights related to movies, television, and more. Topics include- The Devaluation of Reboots, Soundtrack Choices, Theatrical vs Director Cuts, etc.

Movie Trailers/Music Videos 
- I will continue to create trailers and music videos that merge unique visuals with outstanding music to better advertise a film and to just have fun with the mediums.

  • Thank you for your consideration-
From short films, to trailers, to music videos, to documentaries, I'm always creating something new and with your support you can help ensure their continued production and completion. The only rewards I can offer is my absolute appreciation, special thanks in my video credits, and my promise to always make the most creative content I can.

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