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About Crypt0's News

Hello, fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts!

My name is Omar Bham, although I go by 'Crypt0' on YouTube.
Cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology, have captured my imagination with a vision for a decentralized world where everyone gets a fairer start, and share, based on value, contribution, drive and merit. With my videos I hope to continue raising awareness about this amazing technology that is changing the way everyone will live their lives, as quickly as possible, to enable as many people as possible to prosper and thrive after the old system collapses.

It's time to go out with the old, and make in with the new :)

Thank you SO much for the support, and anything you can share would be invaluable, towards allowing me to continue providing you the latest news, updates, opinions, opportunities, and sentiments in the space. Please consider any patronage, and know that I remain forever grateful, and with you in my heart.

Cheers, and remember to stay cryptic ;)
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When I reach $5,000 per month, I will disable mid-stream YouTube ads for everyone, as it will allow me to pay most of my Los Angeles living expenses without relying on Google / centralized ad providers.
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