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Are you attracted to flashy stuff and bright lights? Want some cool cryptid extras in your life? Want to hang out with like-minded people without them running away or blaming you for a bridge collapse? Then you have found your place my Mothman mate!

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  • A shoutout by name
  • Bloopers & outtakes
  • Exclusive Question episodes
  • Behind the scenes content  
  • Cryptozoology news & updates


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Are you curious? Want to watch on and learn more about these strange hominids? Welcome my Bigfoot brother to the Cryptid Addicted Tribe.

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  • All previous rewards
  • Weekly cryptid spotlight (PDF)
  • Exclusive interviews with cryptozoologists and experts
  • Exclusive content from cryptid conventions around the country (including RAWCON2020 & Bigfoot, Cryptids and the Unexplained 2020)

Loch Ness Monster

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You're large and in charge, everyone knows your name. No need to stay in the murky water any longer, come out of the deep depths and join us. I'm sure we will get along swimmingly.

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  • All previous rewards
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) live streams
  • Expedition live streams
  • Request analysis of cryptid videos/photos
  • Questions for upcoming episodes
  • Questions for interviewed experts, authors & cryptozoologists
  • Credit at the end of expedition videos




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About Cryptid Addicted

Starting as a podcast, Cryptid Addicted analysed a managarie of monsters for 3 years. Not content with just learning about these beasts, we've focused on a higher goal, proving cryptids real.


Megan Deveson is our resident monster hunter. Travelling the world, her goal is to capture cryptids on camera.

She has been on expeditions to Sri Lanka, Romania, Canada, Japan, Iceland, UK, New Zealand, Sardina, Ireland and of course, Australia, her home turf.
Megan's interest in the mysterious took her at a young age and never let go. From ghost hunting birthday parties at age 10 to crafting her own tales about yeti's at age 14.
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Cryptid Addicted Leprechaun Expedition
It's small, it's mischievous and it can definitely out drink you - it's Megan from Cryptid Addicted. Let's get her over to Ireland and hunting Leprechauns to see if there is anything to this centuries old folklore. Armed with a camera, audio recorder and lucky charms, let's find these things together.
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