Cryptive Games is creating 2D retro rpg's

Retro gaming with a sense of humor

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per game version
Milestone Goals
Extended License for artwork
$100 per game version
We bought a lot of the game's assets with a license that currently doesn't enable us to do much beyond what we're currently at. With some funding ready, we can get the extended license to the assets and have more creative freedom over them.
Expanded game content
$250 per game version
With the initial hurdle of the licenses being cleared, we can focus on adding more content to the game, which means more DAHKNESS!
Development toolkit upgrade
$500 per game version
With this goal cleared, we can invest in better tools, resources, and expand to a wider variety of platforms. Bringing you more DAHKNESS.

$1,000 per game version
More details to come soon. We promise. :3


Hello everyone, my name is Brendonne and I am the founder and CEO of Cryptive Games. I am a self-taught 31 year old programmer with 13+ years of experience. I love designing and programming video games and I want everyone else to experience them as well. My goal is to create a wide variety of fun and retro-style games that everyone can get into. Thank you for visiting my page and your support and please tell your friends about Cryptive Games and this Patreon page. Have a great day!


Pensacola, FL, USA
What is Cryptive Games?
Cryptive Games is a small video game development team that consists of two people that focus on the comedy side of video games. We mainly stick to the retro-style, because of the sole fact that these kind of  games are really fun to make, they are simple, they are versatile, and they simply rock! 

We have played many video games where the main goal in the game is always the same. You are a mighty hero and you must save the earth from total destruction or your girlfriend has been kidnapped and you must save her and the list goes on. Well, what we don't see is comedy. That is one area that isn't explored very often and we just won't have that. Cryptive Games strives upon comedy and we want to bring our comedic sense to you, in video game form! We love comedic games as much as anyone else does and we want to show you that the comedy side of video games isn't dead, not even a little bit, not even a smidgen. So, with our upcoming game "Graveyard Runner", we plan on making a home run on the comedy side of video games.

Who is Cryptive Games?

Brendonne Burleson - Video game designer and lead programmer and CEO of Cryptive Games
Ryan Smith - Video game designer and expert sound effects designer and Co-CEO of Cryptive Games

What is Graveyard Runner?

"Graveyard Runner" Is a 2D platformer with a silly, comedic twist. You play as a little man in a suit of armor with 3 weapons to choose from: a knife, an axe, and a spear. The day and night cycles have a mind of their own. The zombies lay dormant during the day, but when DAHKNESS hits, everything changes. So, be very weary of what is to come, because things are so crazy and out of whack, that you will have no idea when darkness will hit next. It also has many other exciting features that is sure to grab the attention of all types of gamers and non-gamers. It is witty, funny, magical, fast paced and full of zombies that are fearsome and comedic. So stay on your toes when you play this, because the zombies are masters at nudging you to death. Also, While you're playing and throwing spears at these foul pests, a voice begins to chatter in your head and drive you nuts like an angry mosquito. Your first impulse is to shout SHUTUP! GAH!! So take arms and join us in our quest to poke fun at retro-platforming games, using our combined sense of humor.

Is there a point to Graveyard Runner?

Of course! I'm glad you asked. The sole purpose is to stay alive and get through each level.

Some people who I would like to thank that made this game possible in the first place:

Game art by Takomogames -
Sound effects by (Multiple artists)
Ryan Smith -
FX pro sound -
Sound Expert -
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