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Spirtual Background

I am also spiritually oriented and have been a practicing healer, trained in Kinesiology and Reiki healing modalities. I sat in spiritualist circles for years and am a consistent meditator, having formalised my practice through becoming a Chan/Zen Buddhist in 2010. So you can also expect some of that thrown in. In fact, if you would like to investigate my world view and cosmology, I have a blog available called Embedded Consciousness. This is not regularly maintained or updated, but is a frequent reference for me and was created at a time of profound clarity.

About Me

I've worked my entire life networking the world together. Since, 2010 I've been aware of Crypto currency, but have completely change my stance towards it. Originally a critical cynic of the possibility that anything to do with "Magic: The Gathering" game cards could have serious global significance, to now being a confident proponent in the revolutionary power of Distributed Applications (DApps), their platforms and currencies.

Prior to commencing this journey, my awareness of Blockchain and Crypto assets increased along with a sense of urgency to become involved and in April of 2018 I took my first steps on the path to accumulate crypto currency and get involved with the technology. I invite you to join me on that journey, to share the experience, and hopefully learning a thing or two along the way.

Historical Context

The power of Disintermediation to emancipate people from the financial and economic suppression that has come to dominate the world is so significant and game changing, that people simply cannot grasp it in the most part. Particularly those who make their living as intermediaries, in either politics, financial transactions or the edifice of taxation reporting that has grown up to dominate our lives. But more powerful than financial freedom, is trust. The nature of distributed applications embedded in the fabric of the internet, providing independent authentication of transactions or contracts, indelibly recorded on the blockchain, creates inherent trustworthiness and "authorities" and "institutions" that previous generations have had to rely upon for independent, transnational trust, become obsolete.

Granted, this will not happen over night, but it is now the established historical TREND. Just as the release of the Internet Protocol (IP) established the historical basis for the Internet revolution that has now overtaken us, DApps, the blockchain and their crypto currencies have now established the historical basis for the revolutionary changes to come.

It is hard to compare anything to what holding and accumulating Bitcoins today will mean in the future, but it might be like owning a piece of the Internet Protocol say, in 1980, if it were monetised. That's not easy to grasp, much less conceive of. I have heard it compared to buying stock in a current globally significant company at its IPO, but I think it is more significant than that. However you might like to characterise it though, it will be so significant to one's future wealth, and the wealth of ones future generations, that it is a responsibility to seize the opportunity to do so.


I must stress that I am not giving you investment advise of any kind, but sharing my journey in the Crypto markets for your entertainment and perhaps education. If you choose to invest your money in any asset or market, including Crypto Currencies, it is your money, in your control, under your direction and you might very well lose it if you are not careful. Interestingly, for those with a metaphysical bent, accepting self-responsibility is a hallmark of both the crypto revolution and spiritual maturity.

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