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I don't use any paywalls to wall off content. If you love the sounds and want to support the YouTube channel in continuing, pitch in, but do not feel obliged to do so. I sincerely love all the support!

Think of this as a subscription fee which you don't actually have to pay in order to keep listening, but the provider of the subscription would love it if you *did* throw in a dollar or so. 

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At this contribution level you'll get your Patreon username ( Or username of your choice ) placed in my new video descriptions to show how you support the channel.




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About Crysknife007

I am the 24 hour Star Trek Engine Noise and ambient scifi sleep sound guy. I also make noise music and ambient soundscapes as Cheesy Nirvosa.

I've officially joined Patreon after a number subscribers have inquired about it. If any of you all would like to help support this channel and what I do please consider doing so. Every little bit helps and means so very much to me.

No worries though, I'm not planning to wall off any content or to hide anything behind any sort of payment tiers. So this would solely be out of the kindness of your heart, so absolutely do not feel obligated to do anything.

One bonus I have set up so far here is to get your username in my future video descriptions. In this way, you can show off to friends how you support the channel and the sounds.
$14 of $100 per month
Uploading all these long videos makes me come close to going over my allowed monthly usage from my ISP. After reaching this goal I would be able to increase my service tier, which would be great, because then I would be able to release more videos each month.  
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