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Thank you so so so much for supporting me! It's a huge surprise. 


  • You will be added to a special Thank you section on the website, in the Youtube Description, and below the video on Twitch! 
  • You will also get to see upcoming planned content :)
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Thank you so so so much for supporting me! $1 was surprising enough, but for someone to want to do more is really sweet.


  • Everything from the previous tier!
  • You will get early access for non-gameplay/special videos. 
  • Your name (or however you'd like to be listed as, as long as appropriate), will be listed at the end of most videos on a "Thank you Patrons" image!
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*Please realize if you abuse this, the ability will be taken away. This is mostly just because I know people can get really excited and want to use lots of emotes and talk a lot and MAYBE GET SO EXCITED AND NEED TO USE CAPSLOCK and this essentially gives you that opportunity if you use it appropriately. Again, abuse of this will get the feature removed. 

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So, this tier lets you pick whichever episode/chapter/game (or episodes/chapters if I can afford more than one at the price) for me to replay and which route to do so! 

Not up to the episode and want to see it on a certain route? Guaranteed. Need it recorded in another language? You got it. Want me to read along to it? Also included if you want me to!

Essentially an episode playthrough and recording set to whatever you need. 

The only things NOT included are any games that do not allow being recorded. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Everything from the previous tiers!


Hi everyone! :) So, if you're here, chances are you know I do... a lot, honestly. I have a lot of hobbies I enjoy doing and showing in different ways and well, just writing about them in general. My website features opinion pieces, game logs, reviews, and things in relation to various other hobbies (such as traveling, baking, and fun craft projects). And sometimes I even make side-sites decided to specific games.

Besides my websites, I also do mostly non-commentary Let's plays/Long Plays (along with other videos as well) over on Youtube and also stream on Twitch. Outside of those, I also have a few tumblrs for some smaller-focused things, such as one as an extension to my website and one for visual novels.

That said, I do all of this essentially as a hobby. While I have a full-time job for some pay, which while I am lucky to be able to work from home, it does take a lot of time sometimes and the pay doesn't leave a lot left over from bills. Not to mention due to some health issues, I'm not always in the best condition to write and play things (Which is part of why I work from home). On top of that, with DLC and other changes to games, they're becoming much more expensive to really manage to do anything.

All help is greatly appreciated and even if you can't contribute, if you at least continue to read and watch my content, I'm very thankful! :)

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