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This tier is a great way to support my work and gives you access to ALL of the free (and some paid) posts and the tag folders that organize them.

Patreon limits non-patrons to the 20 most recent posts and the tag folders are not visible.


• Access to ALL of the free posts and the tag folders that organize the posts.

Healing Altar: You can request to be added to my healing altar and have a Reiki energy ball sent to you to boost your intentions. (The request thread is in the "Announcements" section.)

Card Reading: As a special thank you it would be my honor to pull a card for you when you sign up. I will send it to your email that you use when you sign up. If you'd rather I not pull a card for you then just let me know by sending me an email and tell me no card. - [email protected]

This tier does not have access to the Crystal Guidance Tribe group or monthly healings.

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Have the Crystal Guidance crystal tips and prescriptions helped you? Please consider supporting my work and my continuing mission to share my gifts and knowledge with the crystal healing community.

This tier helps buy me a coffee to keep me going! lol Seriously, though, with your support you help to fund new crystals and materials so that I can continue to share my knowledge by creating new content. I believe the information needs to be out there and accessible to everyone. That is where your support as a patron helps me to continue doing just that. 


Monthly Reading: 1-card reading just for you each month. (The request thread is in the "Current Monthly Offerings" section.)

Healing Altar: You can request to be added to my healing altar and have a Reiki energy ball sent to you to boost your intentions. (The request thread is in the "Announcements" section.)

• Access to ALL of the free posts (plus several Patron only posts) and the tag folders that organize the posts.

This tier does not have access to the Crystal Guidance Tribe group or monthly healings.

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Become a member of my private Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe! This is a great way to support my work and gain a lot of extra benefits that are exclusively for my Tribe members.

You can receive your Tribe benefits by email, in the Facebook group, or on Patreon. Just let me know your preference.


• Access to the private Facebook group: "Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe".

• Monthly Reiki chakra group healing sessions by video (both live and recorded) plus access to all past healing videos.

• Weekly card readings.

• Monthly single-chakra checks.

• Crystal identification assistance.

• Exclusive members content. (Ex: Crystal Comparisons)

• Mentoring with me (Jen Faeline Mergell of Crystal Guidance).

• Discounts on healing sessions with me as well as discounts with my business partners.

• A private, supportive community with like-minded people.

Includes Discord benefits



About Crystal Guidance

Welcome Crystal Guidance friends! I am growing and expanding my Patreon to offer content on all levels, including FREE CONTENT! In the membership levels above you can find a breakdown of what each level offers. (Most benefits start at the $11 Tribe level.)

Crystal Guidance is moving to Patreon with FREE content:

I have been proudly sharing crystal content since 2012 via my website (Crystal Guidance) and the various social media platforms, especially Facebook. You all know me best for my crystal tips and prescriptions – the ones with the golden cloth – that I started creating in 2012. Unfortunately my site was hacked in July of 2022 and subsequently I had to delete a decade's worth of work. Thankfully I saved all of the important articles and photos. I will be uploading them here to Patreon where they will be safe! The vast majority of the articles will be free, so please be sure to check out the "Visitors" section below for more details.

Me (Jen) in 2013 with my Crystal Guidance Oracle Deck.

Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe:

The original purpose for creating this Patreon account was to build a place where I could offer my full chakra healings on a monthly basis. This was a popular request! From there it has and still is growing and morphing to meet the needs of the incredible community that is known as the Crystal Guidance Tribe. ♥

As a Tribe ($11+ level) member you receive full access to my private "Crystal Guidance and Healing Patreon Tribe" Facebook group. The most popular benefits include the monthly healing and a weekly card pulled just for you each week.

The group will be focused on distance Reiki healing sessions and mentoring primarily in the fields of crystals and energy healing. It will be the perfect place for you to connect with me on a teaching/mentoring basis as I gladly share what I have learned over my years as an energy healer. This is a closed (private) group. That means that only members of the group can see what is posted. It is a safe place for you to share, learn, and connect with other like-minded people. It is a judgement free zone where beginners are welcomed with open arms. I am here to help you learn what you’d like to work on. Any question is a good question and I’ll always do my best to answer you and help you along your learning and healing path. The Facebook group is located at


Welcome Visitors!

Even if you are not one of the paid patrons I truly appreciate you being here! Since my Crystal Guidance website was compromised and subsequently deleted, I decided to move my most popular articles over to here FOR FREE. 

While I will be adding many of the articles for free onto my Patreon, visitors are limited on what they can see. This is why I created the $1 Love Offering level. (HINT: You get 10% off if you pay for a full year. That is less than $11. That buys me 2 of my favorite Dunkin lattes. WOO HOO! My brain thanks you!) 

Free Visitor VS $1 Patrons:

•  Both have access to all of the free articles.
•  $1 Patrons can see all of the posts. Visitors are limited to the 20 most recent posts.
•  $1 Patrons can see the tag folders to easily find what you're looking for. Visitors cannot.
•  $1 Patrons have access to my prayers and healing altar.
•  $1 Patrons receive a 1-card reading when they join as a thank you.

Follow me on Patreon to easily view my free content:

By following a Patreon creator you gain easier access to their free content. The first step is to join Patreon if you haven't already. (Don't worry, it is FREE.) From there go to your favorite content creator (like my page) and click the FOLLOW button just below the membership levels. (Learn more about following creators.)

Then to see my most recent FREE articles log into your Patreon account. Depending upon your device, click either the 3 vertical lines or the Patreon logo, both in the upper left corner. You want to go to FEED. This will show you the articles of the creators that you are following. The most recent posts will be at the top.

Again, you are limited to how many posts you can see as a visitor, but this is a great way to see the most recent content of your favorite creators.


Follow Me on Social Media:

You can find me across most social media platforms as @crystalguidance.
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Most Popular Articles:

Below is a list of my most popular articles that are currently available here on my Patreon account. There are many free healings and other posts available. This is a list of only the most popular articles for your convenience. All other posts including healing videos can be found in the tag folders. (Last updated: 11/11/22)

•  Prayers and Healing Page
•  Chakras Info Article
•  New to Crystals and Not Sure Where to Start? Added 11/11/22
•  Next up... Crystal Cautions and Toxic Stones.

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