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Have the Crystal Guidance crystal tips and prescriptions helped you? Please consider supporting my work and my continuing mission to share my gifts and knowledge with the crystal healing community by becoming a member of my Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe.

Tribe Member Benefits:
• Access to the private Facebook group: "Crystal Guidance and Healing Tribe".
• Access to the Tribe Members area on
• Monthly Reiki chakra group healing sessions by video (both live and recorded) plus access to all past healing videos.
• Exclusive members content.
• Mentoring with me (Jen Faeline Mergell).
•  Special bonuses such as monthly single-chakra checks and weekly oracle cards pulled just for you.

Thank you for your support of my work! ♥
Tribe + Chakra Check
per month
In addition to the benefits of a Tribe member, you will also receive a personal full chakra check every month that you are a member of this tier. You can request your chakra check anytime within the month or I will automatically send it to you towards the end of the month.

Chakra checks will let you know the status of your chakras as being balanced, minor imbalance, underactive, overactive, or blocked. The session will also include a Reiki healing for the chakra that needs the most work at the time of your chakra check.

Tribe + Chakra Check Benefits:
• All of the benefits from the basic "Tribe Members Access" level.
• A full chakra check session with mini Reiki healing.
Tribe + Chakra Reiki Healing
per month
In addition to the benefits of a Tribe member, you will also receive a 1-on-1 full chakra distance Reiki healing every month that you are a member of this tier. You can request your chakra healing anytime within the month. I can schedule these or I can do them whenever I have an available time slot, whichever you prefer.

This is a distance Reiki healing that lasts approximately 45-minutes. Unlike the group video healing for the Tribe group, this healing will be sent just to you and I will be focusing on just your energy. After the healing has been sent I will email you with the crystals that I worked with and anything that I might have picked up on during your session.

Tribe + Chakra Healing Benefits:
• All of the benefits from the basic "Tribe Members Access" level.
• A private full chakra distance Reiki healing session.




"Crystal Guidance and Healing Patreon Tribe" is a subscription Facebook group. The group will be focused on distance Reiki healing sessions and mentoring primarily in the fields of crystals and energy healing. It will be the perfect place for you to connect with me on a teaching/mentoring basis as I gladly share what I have learned over my years as an energy healer. This is a closed (private) group. That means that only members of the group can see what is posted. It is a safe place for you to share, learn, and connect with other like-minded people. It is a judgement free zone where beginners are welcomed with open arms. I am here to help you learn what you’d like to work on. Any question is a good question and I’ll always do my best to answer you and help you along your learning and healing path. The Facebook group is located at

Group Featured Content:

Monthly Chakra Reiki Healings: Around the 7th of each month I will host a Facebook Live distance Reiki healing session in our private group. Even if you can’t be with me during the live feed, you can still access the healing any time. All of the videos will be archived so that you can enjoy them any time. Many of the healings will have a featured theme.
Crystal Tips and Prescriptions: I will have a folder with my popular crystal tip images plus additional information.
Crystal Comparison Videos: This group will be the only place on Facebook that these videos will be uploaded. They can be found on YouTube as well, but I wanted to set these up in the group just for you guys. Crystal Comparison videos help show and teach the differences between similar looking crystals.
Teaching Videos: I will be shooting new videos exclusively for this group featuring the topics many of you have requested. As with the monthly healing videos, these will always be available for you to access any time.
Mentoring: I have had many people request that I work on mentoring and teaching. In this group you are welcome to ask me anything. If I have the answer or can look it up for you then I will. I am here for you and will gladly share what I have learned over the years.
Special Offerings: Weekly oracle card pulled just for you. Monthly single chakra check.

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