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About Crystal Heroes

Hello! My name is Noel and I'm making a webcomic called Crystal Heroes, which can be found here. It is a comedy-drama about a group of college students living their daily lives. However, there is a twist - it takes place in a typical medieval fantasy RPG setting in the year 2019. The story explores the idea of living in a world not unlike our own where magic and monsters are a relatively ordinary part of everyday life, with plenty of parodies, references to, and commentary on typical RPG tropes along the way.

Also, the comic itself also has a twist. Naturally, the characters' adventures regularly end up leading them into dungeons and battles with monsters. It's only fitting with the RPG-based setting that the reader would be allowed to play along, and this comic lets you do just that! Certain scenes in the story are fully interactive playable RPGs, made in RPG Maker MV, complete with completely original 16-bit-style sprites, music, and battles the player controls.

But it's not just that. I've also deviated from the typical webcomic formula by releasing entire scenes at once, rather than a single page a week. Though this does mean that Crystal Heroes doesn't have a regular release schedule, I believe it to be a superior method of storytelling. Additionally, I also work largely traditionally, using pen and paper to make the pages, with effects, text, and minor edits added later digitally.

As you can imagine, writing, pencilling, and inking the comic all by myself with such a schedule, as well as occasionally creating scene-sized games all by myself, is a bit of a herculean task. That's where you come in! Your support would help me continue to produce this comic. The more you pledge, the more time I can afford to devote to the creation of this comic.

I hope to make a high-quality comic that entertains and emotionally connects with my readers, and I could use your help in achieving that. Thank you very much for any contributions you choose to make!

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