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About Crystal Hunters

We're the Crystal Hunters team, and we're making a language learning manga with a professional manga artist. Crystal Hunters is an epic manga full of heroes, magic, adventure, and drama that even beginner language learners can understand.

What will you find here?
Lots of free stuff! Nothing here is locked or behind a paywall. This is just where we're posting all of our behind-the-scenes stuff. This includes:

-Our journey to get to this point, and this includes all of our old failures, art and all. (go to our first post to read from the beginning!)
-Character concept art
-Teaser art for future chapters
-Current behind-the-scenes updates (coming soon!)

Why we're on Patreon
We're doing what we can to make Crystal Hunters happen, and if you believe in what we're doing and would like to support us, please consider sending us some financial help. If we get enough help, we can pay our artist for more art and release books faster!

Where can you find our manga?
All of our manga can be found on our hompage:
There's lots of free stuff there too. Book 1 (in all languages) is free to read, and so are all the guides to help you read all of our manga books. We currently have manga and guides available in Japanese, Spanish, and German.

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