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About Crystals & Coffee

Welcome to the Crystals and Coffee patreon!

Crystals and Coffee is a weekly bitesize podcast, to be enjoyed whilst drinking a cup of coffee or your favourite beverage! Each episode is only up to 20 minutes long so it is easy to fit into your regular routine.

Crystals and coffee covers crystals (obviously!), holistic healing, wellbeing, self care and self development. Discover how to use crystals in your every day life, how to switch your mindset to welcome prosperity and abundance into your life and how you can use tried and tested holistic methods to achieve your goals.

As well as all of this you can learn how to flex your intuition and tune into your higher self in effective, simple ways.

The regular episodes are available on most streaming services but by becoming a patreon you can gain exclusive access to bonus episodes, monthly vlogs, Q and A sessions, vote on future episodes and discounts for my online store selling crystal sets for nearly everything you can think of!

Thank you so much for your support. Lots of love and gratitude, Katy x x

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