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Milestone Goals
Cross-platform support
$500 per month
Aside from creating new games, I'll work on porting our existing games to Mac and Linux systems, and if possible to tablets and smartphones as well.
Draconis: Life of the Dragon
$1,000 per month
This is a puzzle game that tells the story of a newly hatched dragonling, as he grows stronger and searches the world for what every young dragon wants: gold, people to terrorize, more gold, and a cute girl dragon to terrorize people with! It is a spiritual sequel to SubTerra.
Mystery RPG
$1,500 per month
It's a complete RPG, and it's mysterious!


I've been an indie game designer for over a decade as leader of the Crystal Shard team, having created freeware adventure games (e.g. A Tale of Two Kingdoms), action puzzle games (such as SubTerra) and the adventure RPG Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok. I enjoy traveling, mythology, and singing.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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I've been creating games for more than ten years; I do the design, writing, and programming for  Crystal Shard while my international teammates do art and music. Our most renowned game is Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok, pictured above: a retro-styled adventure/RPG hybrid released in December 2013. Set in the rich world of Norse mythology, it lets you explore the frozen forests of Jarnvidr and the eerie caves of Svartalfheim, and pits you against trolls, duergar, and a mighty frost giant planning to cover the entire world in ice. Heroine's Quest was voted Best Game of 2013 in the AGS Awards, 69th Best Computer RPG of All Time by RPG Codex, and has received recommendations from famous designers Corey and Lori Cole.

Also, HQ is free. Completely free. It is a labor of love that we enjoy sharing with the world, and to us it's literally priceless. Since its release, many people have said that they would happily donate money to support us in creating more quality games like this. Therefore, I've started this Patreon campaign for our fans.

Our earlier work ranges from the puzzle game  SubTerra that started it all, to the 4X strategy game Leylines, and from the epic fairy tale A Tale of Two Kingdoms, to several short adventure games. We believe in non-linear games that give the player a world to explore, where the good ending can be reached by casual gamers while providing some optional but intriguingly difficult puzzles for expert players. Many of our games are also available in German, Spanish, and several other languages.

Our current project is the platform game Indiana Rodent and the Temple of Edam. It is focused on action and exploration as Rody and Mousion Raventail hunt for the fabled temple. It will have many interesting creatures and plants to interact with, secrets to search for, and a full fledged level editor. This is expected in summer 2014, and we will be working on a new adventure game afterwards. We may even do a sequel to Heroine's Quest if there's enough support for that.

Read on and see how you can support Crystal Shard, and what we offer to our Patrons in return. Thank you for your time, and you have my personal thanks for any support you can give us.
-- Pieter

Patron of the Arts
You'll get Behind The Scenes information. At least once every other week, I'll post an update about what I'm currently working on, so you can see the games grow and develop. When we're looking for artists, composers, or voice actors, you'll be the first to know and you can audition with priority.

Furthermore, I'm currently negotiating to get "deluxe" versions of some of our games available on Steam and Desura. If and when that happens, you'll get a free key to play them with.

Chat Sessions
Once per month, we'll get together in a cosy corner of the Internet to discuss game design and world creation, and you can ask me questions about anything. These discussions will be a significant factor in deciding future projects for Crystal Shard. In addition, you will be personally listed in the credits of the game I'm currently working on.

Beta Access
You will get early access to a playtest version of my games while they are still under development, and your feedback will be influential in shaping the game. As most of my games (other than adventure games) include a level editor, you can try your hand at Level Design and have your personal levels included in the official release.

Furthermore, you'll be credited as Beta Tester or Level Designer, plus all of the above rewards. Of course, designed levels must be of good quality to be part of the release.

Your Own Cameo!
You'll appear in my next game as a graphical Cameo Character, who will be placed in a corner of the game world and speak to the player, giving hints and/or shout-outs as specified by you! You can outline what the character should look like and what he or she should say, as long as it fits the setting and doesn't contain inappropriate language.

And of course you'll have my heartfelt thanks, as well as everything from the earlier tiers, including Credits, Beta Access, Chat Sessions, Behind The Scenes information, and Steam keys.

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