CRYSTAL is creating Music and Memories

$1 /mo
Hear about everything before everyone else via our Patreon activity stream.  This is before our social media accounts, our mailing list subscribers...possibly even before our families.  Unless they...

$5 /mo
We will write you a personal, just for you thank you note and mail it to you.

$10 /mo
Access to our monthly webcast where we'll do Q&A sessions, exclusive performances, and tell you things no one else knows about us.

$100 /mo
We'll write your name on a t-shirt and sport it at a photo shoot--then send you a signed photo book with all the best ones.

$500 /mo
Personal Skype Chat with the band at least once a quarter.  We'll be so excited to meet you, you may wonder who the patron is here--us or you?

$1,000 /mo
I'm not sure how we could say thank you enough for something like you get free stuff for life and everything already mentioned. We'll make sure you get every album signed and delivered to...