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About Athos of Sharp Accent

Hello there,
I’m Athos and I'm making tutorial videos on Youtube focusing on game development.
My channel is Sharp Accent and yes, that is a pun on my accent & C#

In June 2018. I was one of the 5 community content creators, Unity invited to attend Unite Berlin. Then an extra day at their office.

I'm also the co-creator of the viral game, Bundes Fighter. Which you can play here or see a gif with all the publications that covered it

I'm currently working with a few other teams to make their visions a reality. 

All my work is and will always be free on Youtube. To stay that way, I need you.

For a better viewing experience, feel free to visit

New lessons added weekly, previous videos published daily for everyone. Patreons get early view, sometimes months in advance :O

Here’s some of my popular tutorials I’ve done in the past or ongoing:

You can now join our Discord server here

Even a $1 pledge to my Patreon page. Is helping me maintain the channel and keep providing quality content.

All my backers pledging $5 or more, get to see the videos as soon as they are ready. That means, instead of having to wait for the schedule, you can watch them when I post them here. I’m uploading new videos every week, sometimes, many a day.

There’s usually more than a month’s content available for backers.

Besides that. Pledges of $10 and over, can download the source code for each part. Either to help you better understand when going through the videos or to use them as they are in a project. You also get a lifetime discount code for my Gumroad projects.

With every pledge tier you also get more rewards! Like extra discount on projects or even free ones! Check the pledges on the side!

If Patreon doesn’t interest you, you can also support my work AND jumpstart your next game!
Select projects I make from the channel are available here
These are the same projects that you see in the videos, with references set and ready to go. * (See note below)

  • By supporting me, you are helping to keep making videos and leaving them free and available for everybody! Everything else is a thank you :)
  • When you pledge, you are getting charged the day you pledge and then again at the 1st of each month! That means. If you pledge the 25th of the month, then you are getting charged for the 25th. Then 5 days later again for the next month. This might be a bit annoying. But older Patreons will remember the dreaded days, where you had to wait for 30 full days to get your rewards. So this way is better :)

Other stuff I've done or still do:
Gamasutra Article on my Lennys series, a Lemmings clone
Play Bundes Fighter! A satirical 2D retro fighting game
My Substance Designer Channel
Open Source 3D A* For Unity
Carnivore Land on Steam
Gamasutra Article about the spawning system in my game

Let's get sharp and creative

Email: [email protected]
Twitter : @AccentTutorials @NVicBoss
Subreddit :
83% complete
When we reach this goal. I'll make 3 videos public per week. Plus even more videos per week for Patreons (The average right now is 6-8 videos per week for Patreons)
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