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Milestone Goals
1 Milestone Goals
Buy a professional mic and preamp setup for one cohost!
$250 per month
We'll have what it takes to supply one of our co-hosts with a professional home studio setup. This will be done two or three times per year, depending on the other costs the network accrues.
Geekdays in the Geekends!
$500 per month
We'll be adding a Saturday show to the Geekdays roster.
Live streams are coming back!
$1,500 per month
Running a live stream, which we did in the early days of the network, was an expensive and often complicated arrangement. However; if we are up on $1500 per month that will no longer be a problem. We'll be able to have a live broadcast of the shows as they're being recorded (where applicable) and might even throw in a couple of live streams with webcam video of the hosts as they're recording their shows!
Everybody gets paid!
$3,000 per month
We will start paying all the hosts on the CSICON Network for their hard work and perserverance. It's going to be a modest sum initially, but considering the amount of hosts and the sheer amount of episodes we publish every week, it's still a pretty good start.
Full Time Employee!
$5,000 per month
At this point, Breki can leave his day job to focus on CSICON and its business development full time. This will mean many new podcasts, many new events, and lots of great new content!
$7,500 per month
Since people obviously can't get enough of us, we'll be launching a television network alongside the podcasting network. New shows, new hosts, new territories to conquer.
A Second Employee!
$10,000 per month
CSICON sure has grown. When we reach $10,000 a month, we'll be able to hire somebody else to work full time with this project. This will open up several exciting new avenues and possibilities for us and allow us to create more and better content for you, the listener and - thanks to CSICON.tv - viewer.


I'm Breki, the guy behind the scenes over at CSICON.



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Since you're here, you're probably aware of CSICON - a podcasting network that creates high quality content on all aspects of Geek Culture. What you might not be aware of is the fact that all of what we do, we do in our own time and using our own money. That sort of thing can be quite difficult, especially when we're pushing more than twenty hours worth of content your way every week.

We want to avoid advertisement as much as possible on the CSICON podcasting network, and having a broad base of patrons like yourself to support us is the only way to get there. Thank you for helping us out!
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