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Hello, I'm CSLucaris, or just Luca for short. I draw things!
Tumblr, DeviantArt, Twitter, NSFW Twitter, Discord

This Patreon campaign charges upfront on time of the pledge ! If it's the end of the month and you want to support me, I recommend waiting at the start of next month.

Drawing is my biggest passion. I could not imagine a life without drawing the things I love and sharing them with people, so I started this page to help me do that!

My goal here is to use Patreon to fuel my love and passion for drawing. With your help, I can draw more of what I want to draw and think up of some new ideas along the way.

You certainly do not have to, but please consider throwing me a dollar. Every little bit counts and it would make my day!

The rewards are released in the first week of the month. If I don’t release it by then, I will let you all know. 

Some of the content produced will not be adequate for children. Very very lewd! Only responsible adults can subscribe to this campaign. If you're not of legal age by your country's laws, you must leave this site now. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or over.

How my Patreon Content is released:

Every batch of drawings I do in a month (Ex. March) will be released at the beginning of the next month (Ex. April). If you pledge before the 1st of any given month, you will be eligible to receive the batch. Say you pledge in the middle of March, you will then be able to get the March Batch at the beginning of April. However, you will not be eligible to receive any previous batches.

So in short, if you want to get this month's batch (and any future batches), be sure to pledge before the end of the month! If/when your payment is processed, you will receive the batch via a dropbox link through a Patreon Message so you can download it.

With the enabling of Upfront Pledging, I think it may be possible for me to give new patrons the previous month's batch in addition to this month's batch.

In the future, I'll open up a tier where it is possible for Patreons to pick any batches they missed.

Thanks for taking a look!
Select a membership level
Single Scoop Special
per month
For $1 a month 

 +  Access to Patron Only Posts; messages, special sketches, WIPs, special Patron only variants of certain works...

 +  Full Resolutions of any sketches I post here or on my other accounts sent out to you in PNG. format.

Thank you for your support! Every little bit helps!

Includes Discord rewards
Double Scoop Surprise
per month
For $5 a month, you get~

-  All previous rewards

+ This is where all the lewd stuff is!

 +  High Resolution versions of all Fully Rendered images done in the month sent out via dropbox link the beginning of the next month. PNG Format.

+ Patron-only variants of fully rendered images. Not released anywhere!

 +  Access to Polls; what character you want drawn, what sketch to fully realize, etc. 

Wow! So generous!

Includes Discord rewards
Triple Scoop Deluxe
per month

 For $10 a month, you get~

- All previous rewards!

 + More variants of certain pieces. 

 +  Original PSD source files with everything; full size line art/sketch layer and color layers

+ Suggest a Sketch; you get to suggest characters for me to sketch every month which will then be decided on by votes

+ Possibly Patreon exclusive artwork which will use ideas suggested to me from patrons of this tier. 

Thank you! this means soooo much to me!

Includes Discord rewards
Quadruple Scoop Supreme
per month

(Currently Testing)

- All previous rewards!

+ Choose one of the previous months' rewards to be sent to you along with the monthly batch! I'll hit you up will a message upon pledging so I can deliver!

+ More things? Not sure what else to add. More voting power?

+ My utmost, deepest gratitude! 

Includes Discord rewards
100% complete
This would be so awesome to reach; I can pretty much just do this almost all of the time. Freelance work and such is out the window. I can focus on delivering quality art to you guys.
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