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About Ben Titmarsh

My name's Ben and I am dedicated to building the best suite of cube management and testing tools on the internet.  Over the past two years Cube Tutor has grown from a tiny project shared amongst friends to the Go To tool for cube management and testing for tens of thousands of players around the world.  I love Magic: The Gathering,  the Cube format and this community and want to keep doing this as long as possible.

I don't make any money out of Cube Tutor.. in fact quite the opposite.  Over the past few months the popularity of the site, and resulting server costs have reached a level that is unsustainable for me.  So I am appealing to you through Patreon to help me keep the site up and running by covering those server costs.

As a THANK YOU to anyone who is able to donate just $5 or more a month, your account on Cube Tutor will be upgraded to a Champion Level account granting you access to some awesome new features including a custom built Advanced Drafting AI ("Castle AI"), Grid Drafting, Winston Drafting, Custom Card images and so much more! Check out the Champion home page to see what's included:

In addition, as a member of the Champion community you will receive voting rights to help shape the future of the platform by telling me what I should be working on next!

Anything beyond the first milestone of this campaign represents MY DREAM.  I would love to work on Cube Tutor to the point where I could consider it my job that paid the bills.  This would mean more new features, more releases and more awesomeness for the site as voted for by you guys in the Champion community.

Thank You!

66% complete
Covers everything that it takes to run Cube Tutor for a month from an infrastructure point of view.  I will continue working on Cube Tutor in my free time as a hobby.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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