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My monthly needs are ≈ $2000. This would be the point where 3 really great CUCKOO videos a month would reach that amount. Finally I can be 100% CUCKOO, with no other interfearing secondary jobs!!


I love to share all I know about synthesisers. Patons get access to downloads and sometimes exclusive material. Here's a shortcut to current downloads. Cheers!




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Thanks for checking in.
I'd love to share all my music and videos with you. Is that ok?

If you'd care to donate a few bucks for every new video that I make you will actively help me create more, and higher quality videos about synths and music. And that's what I want to do. Connecting to people around the world really helps me keep making and sharing more videos.

The spirit of free

I intend to keep all my YouTube videos free of commercials. It's important to me. If you'd like to see more videos and music from me, I'm hoping that you'd consider donating a few bucks every time I make a new video, and helping me in my independent work. With your help I can make it all better and more interesting. Every little donation counts, so don't be shy to sign up for just $1 if you'd like to.

I'm looking forward to evolving here on Patreon, together with you, if you want to :)
Now enjoy my latest CUCKOO remix.

Wrecking Ball - CUCKOO REMIX

best regards
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