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is creating scientific content for the cell-based meat community
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About Cultured Abundance

The fundamental challenge of cell-based meat is the technology. How will we produce enough meat at scale to compete with animal agriculture? To solve this problem we need brilliant scientists.

However, it can be difficult for scientists to learn enough to move into the space. For someone coming from a biopharmaceutical background, how can they get to the cutting edge of this completely new industry?

That's where Cultured Abundance comes in. We want to serve as a the central scientific resource for the cell-based meat community. We will publish scientifically sophisticated content to help:
  • students looking to move into the space,
  • scientists from adjacent fields,
  • funders trying to understand the cutting edge of cell-based meat technology,
  • entrepreneurs looking to start a company in the space,
  • biotech businesses trying to understand where they can fit into the industry,
and anyone else who has an interest in how cell-based meat works.

We're a completely open-source resource. Nothing we do will ever be behind a paywall. If you feel that what we do is valuable, please consider supporting us here on Patreon!

We plan to post 1-2 times per month.
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Once we reach this goal, Cultured Abundance will be financially self-sufficient!
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