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People who pledge a small monthly donation will get to see my videos before I post them on YouTube. An exclusive chance to be the very first to lay eyes on my work. Isn't that great? :D

You'll also be able to view the files and materials that I use to create my videos, including .piv files, editor files, etc.

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You're amazing, first off. People must know of your amazingness. Be prepared for a cameo appearance or a shoutout in my next video!

You'll get all the benefits from the lower tiers as well as a visual and audio credit in any of my upcoming videos!

If I ever create a discord server, I will add a benefit here where Brohams can get admin privileges or something. 

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Q&A TIME! All patrons who donate this amount a month will be able to view a very special Q&A video, where I answer EVERY question you guys have. You'll be able to ask me anything, and be sure that I'll respond (to the best of my ability).

You'll also get a free t-shirt. How cool is that? 




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As most of you may already know, I make hilarious animated videos on YouTube. It has been harder and harder to keep up with the demands of all of you wonderful fans, however. Life stuff really takes away from the time I have to work on my channel like I want.
That is where you guys come in. If you guys support me by pledging even the smallest amount, I'd be able to continue working on giving you all what you want! With your pledge, I'd be able to make all the funnies that you've been requesting, whether it's another installment of Random Stick Figureness, or of a series that you personally enjoy! The sky's the limit!

Also, with the extra money I'd be able to purchase new software and things and make even better animations, possibly even 3D animations. :D 

All it takes is a dollar, if you have it. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! ;)
$2 of $30 per month
I actually have a lot of videos that I've put on the backburner because of time constraints and lack of motivation. But if this pledge amount is reached, I'll definitely crack down and finish all of them for you guys!
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