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Welcome to the Dollar bro club bro! This entry level subscription means the freakin world to me. It may not seeeeeeem like a big deal but it is. Your dollar is a vote, a vote of confidence and conviction that this channel and the blood we pour into means something to you and you want the world to know. THANKS! In addition anyone at $1 and above is instant VIP for anything we do on multiplayer monday's or other community type stuff. Notice some NON dkgPatronus got the last slot in quiplash and you really wanted to play? ping me and we'll kick that scrublord for you! <3

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You're a Subscriber!!  Huzzah! This is basically the suggested price for flight here at DKG and now you're MOTORING!  

Consider this for all intents and purpose a Twitch Sub and all that comes with it. You're pledging that you believe what we're doing here and you're putting your money where you cake hole is. 

Any time there's something extra I can offer to the community your pledge here is your golden ticket. Be that special discord roles, fun chat things, access to personal game servers, or slots when I stream multiplayer games. You will be included in that. High fives and up tops creeps all around.

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Executive Producer

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Anyone at this level a month is an executive producer. If you've committed this much to me I will consider you my boss and allow veto power on any one decision I make a month. don't like a game choice or style change. VETO it BB ^_^ 

If there's anything cool i can reasonably do for you just let me know and i'll make it so. For example - email me and i'll give you a custom color in the discord!




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About DrunkKidsgaming

first of all, just for you being here, you're an amazing person and I love you. Currently I can be found streaming on Twitch.tv as "drunkkidsgaming" 5 nights a week and that is mostly likely how you came to find this page.

These gaming streaming focus heavily on viewer interaction and I like to boast that we have created the most fun community I've ever been a part of. This patreon page was created because I think we can do much much more awesome together. The pie in the sky idea would be to justify spending mostly all my waking hours dedicated to providing entertainment as well as an ecosystem for this sexy little community of nerds to spend all their time and proudly call it their home.

If you feel like you've derived some entertainment, laughs, or companionship within our little slice of the internet (and you have the means) please consider tossing a couple duckets my way to help support my silly dream of making a living creating videos and live streaming video game content. Currently all I have time for is the twitch streaming but would love to trade time at my job to time creating polished and edited videos for youtube, running community game nights, setting up servers, organizing livestream events like tournaments and marathon streams, and BEYOND. As you'll see in the milestones, each little bit counts towards allowing me to dedicate more and more time to enhancing our fun together!
$103 of $200 per month
This is the first straight up directly for patreon thank you tiers. This is something we'll do offline only and be directly one on one with you Patronus's. Usually a week prior to movie night i'll take whatever has been suggested and put together a straw poll. Movie nights will mostly be double features where we all chat over some of the greatest or nerdiest movies ever created. 
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