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About Curlytea

Hey yall! This is K Williams at My goal is to help empower people to create their own haircare and skincare products by testing, creating and suggesting various recipes and ingredients to benefit the hair and skin. Not only do I create DIY recipes, I also maintain a list of some of the most ask about ingredients: teas and herbs, emulsifiers, humectants, thickeners, ayurveda, preservatives, conditioning ingredients, emollients and other additives like MSM and Panthenol.

Why become a Curlytea Patron? I make recipes from the ingredients I buy.  When you become a patron or a Subscriber at the main site, it allows me to acquire more ingredients, write more blog posts, do more reviews and, of course, create more recipes and videos! Since I only provide information on products and ingredients that I've actually used to create creams, lotions, gels, shampoos, etc, this endeavor gets really expensive.

I also create things like the video you just watched above.  It's an Ingredient Intro video based on the research I've compiled.  I don't provide a generic database of things I have no real experience in using. Everything you see on the website (excluding the 'What the What?' section) are ingredients I've actually used and recipes I've actually written and/or directly tested myself.

I also have a growing section of 'You Try It' recipes which you guys seem to love already because you get to see what I've written but you don't have to wait for me to record, edit and post a video before you get the recipe! Yall hate waiting! LOL!

Are you tired af of companies changing the recipes of your favorite product? Are you tired of trying to find a product at the store, or waiting for shipping of your fave conditioner? You should be able to create at least one product (or one good leave-in, one curl refresher, one good rinse-out conditioner, etc) for yourself that you can use on your curls if push comes to shove. That's where I try to help! We're going to figure this thing out and I've got the years of experimentation to help!

I've been natural for 18 years. I've done the slow transition. I've gone through the struggle of trying to blend two textures using the cut-up straws and bobby pins method (haha!). Like you, I've found more than one great product only to have the company change the formula and mess it up. So, I can relate!

Youtube has changed it's algorithm and has <mark style="background: rgb(255, 183, 183) none repeat scroll 0% 0%; color: black;"></mark>demonetized smaller channels like mine. That's partly why I'm here beseeching you to either become a Patron or to become a Subscription member directly at the website. Don't forget to visit at twitter, Mastodon, twitch and youtube.
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The following recipes and their full video, ingredients list and my notes will be opened up for everybody to view, not just site Subscribers!*

1. Old School/New School Cream
2. Baobab Hair Milk
3. 3 Oil Softening Leave-in Conditioner

*Recipes will be available unless one of your fellow Curlyteas purchases the rights to said recipe making them unavailable. Otherwise, they will be available.
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