Jocelyn Badgley

is creating essays about body confidence, fat liberation and trans activism

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Hey there, I'm Jocelyn. I am an aspiring writer, makeup artist, plus size fashionista, body confidence advocate, fat liberationist, endocrinology nerd and psychology geek. I'm also transgender. I write essays about all of these topics and more on my blog Curvy & Trans, along with a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I started this platform because I was disappointed at the lack of representation of fat trans people in social media. The public eye is so often drawn to thin, young, white, cis passing trans women, and it was next to impossible for me to find positive representation of older fat women like me. I figured, if I cannot find my representation, then I will be my representation.

Much of my blogging is about my experience going through gender transition, transgender topics (especially medical issues), my mental health difficulties, how I find my body confidence, my makeup artistry, and my fashion adventures as a plus size woman.

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My goal is to contribute back to the communities that made it possible for me to happily be the real me. I do this work without expectation of any reward, but transition is expensive, and I do this writing all in my own free time. Any contributions for my efforts are deeply valued, even if it is just $1 per month.
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