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Thank you very much! Every month I will set up a character vote pool for a character drawing; you will also get a discord invite in your thank you message.


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Thank you very much! Perks:

-The above
- Another character vote pool, this time for an unpopular character
- Original resolution images
- Possible edits I don't normally post (for commissions that ask for them)


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A higher tier that gives you special access to a number of things. Thank you so much for choosing this! Perks:

- The above
- YCH pick: Once a month, I will submit a number of scenes I made and will ask for your input to create a finished image. Pick will be curated to whichever the first one i randomly pick works out
- Crit: If you are also drawing and in need of some help, I will dedicate a channel for tips and opinions and I will try to help whenever I can, giving specific directions for you personally.
- Suggestion box: suggest characters to be featured in the polls

- Express commission access: in the extremely sporadic times i might look for an out-of-list topical commission, it will be posted for this tier of patrons in case one will be interested. this is not a promise or a guarantee, you should not expect this, just an added circumstantial bonus

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About Cutesexyrobutts

Hey there, Cutesexyrobutts here. I mostly draw big and strong women, of the suggestive or NSFW kind. I'm probably mainly known for the big psychopath glowing eyes girl and the frog with the big ass. As you can see, those are very important subjects for humanity to move forward, so your support would be very important !

I grew up with videogames, anime and traditional fantasy, which is also my main inspiration for drawings many years later. What little I know I learned starting from age 27, completely incidentally, following youtube tutorials, all classical painting-oriented, so you'll find aspects of that here. I just realized I really liked the creation process so I stuck with it, and that's what I do for a living now. Basically, imagine if Leonardo da Vinci watched cartoons instead of learning anything.

You can see my stuff at [Tumblr], [Twitter], [Deviantart], [Hentai-Foundry] -!NSFW WARNING!
I've been planning to use patreon for a long time for the possible additional income, since I don't make a lot. Please spend responsibly. Anyways, thank you very much for liking the drawings and for your help should you choose to!

Live Updated commission status: CLOSED [comm queue]

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