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About Carrion


My name is Carrion,
I build worlds using pixels!

What brought me to Patreon?

I'm known mostly for my pixel art, but it's always been my dream to make a game.

Currently, most of my time is spent as a freelance artist, lending pixels to help make other people's games, outside the alias of Carrion.

I would like nothing more than to finally make my own game featuring the same style, characters, and worlds that you see in my standalone art.

In my free time Ive been working on my own game called Sleepless Knights.

About the Game
This is a game about slaying our innermost demons with broken, rusted weaponry.

Sleepless Knights is a 2.5D roguelike hack n slash dungeon crawler set in the mental world.
In this game you become one of the Sleepless Knights, guardians of the unconscious realm tasked to venture through various dreamworlds in search of the cure to a mysterious plague of sleep being spread by a verminous army of machines called Vexons.

The objective of the game is to rescue ailing minds from beneath the lids of their eyes by diving into the mental fabric of the mind and using a vast arsenal of weaponry specifically forged to cut out the contagious mental demons that grow there.

In Sleepless Knights you will be able to:
  • Become one of the Sleepless Knights
  • Explore the psyche/A massive variety of surreal worlds
  • Slay inner demons, lightmares, and psychomancers with brutal weaponry
  • Alter entire game environments using intense area of effect abilities
  • Collect fragments of scattered memories and restore the Psychosphere
  • Discover the source of the plague of sleep

^^^Art by Logan Phresh^^^

Additional to your bladed weaponry, you are equipped with an arsenal of neurochemicals capable of manipulating the state of the mind you are exploring in the form of area of effect attacks and even complete atmosphere/location alterations depending on the cocktail of chemical weaponry used.

As you dive through a mind, whether you are trying to recover it from a fever dream or digging for memories to harvest, the way you use your tools will engage a reaction within the level itself.

How you alter one room for a combat advantage using your area of effect attacks will directly influence the way the next room will be generated. This includes a varied mixture of settings, enemies, and scenarios.

work similarly to neurochemicals but act as passive upgrades/abilities for your character, and are much less destructive to the game's environments. Bulbs are powerful and mysterious artifacts that can control cognition and can manipulate grey matter to its user's will.

Bulb Concepts:
-Turn the ground tiles in front of you into teeth that chew enemies apart.
-Branches grow from the ground creating a barricade that temporarily slows down hostiles.
-Freeze several blocks in front of you, allowing you to quickly slide across.
-Barbed wire emits from the ground, whipping enemies.
Player bulb ideas:
-Broken glass emits from the player’s arm, allowing them to blast glass shards at enemies.
-Generic projectile fire attack.
-Generic stunning electricity blast
-Coat the player in durable material increasing defense greatly.

The environments in Sleepless Knights are being made to mimic the dream-like look of impressionist paintings.

The game's dungeons consist of room to room arena based combat.

With each new room encounter, the doors lock behind you and you must slay all enemies before walking through the next door. The extreme difference between the colors, content, and atmosphere of each area that collectively resemble a character's mind will vary room to room to emulate a stream of consciousnesses.

Within each mind will also be information to collect in the forms of memories.
These memory fragments act as both currency and the main form of story telling in Sleepless Knights


I'm currently building an animation pipeline with great help from a wizard named Ross.

We are experimenting with Unity 3D and Blender to quickly animate 8 directional characters while still maintaining a nice pixel aesthetic.

The animation pipeline is the most important thing to tackle at the moment, animation is going to be the most taxing aspect of this game financially.

Thankfully the game is now at a point where if I had the hardware to run the particular programs I need, I'd be able to do most of the work myself.

With this new pipeline and the right hardware, I would be able to animate characters very easily and dynamically on my own without putting too much strain on the game's budget.

I create sprites using pixel art and Ross, our 3D animator, then takes the sprite into blender and creates a lowpoly model over it.
We then use a combination of shaders and other post processing effects to re-pixelate the character. Our next step in this experiment is baking textures from the sprite onto the model and adjusting the shader to accommodate the details and such.

What I can offer in return for your support:

  • Exclusive development updates all of my projects.
  • Playable demo releases of my game.
  • A steady stream of new art/early access to new art.
  • Access to my discord server and roles unique to patrons.
  • Twitch streams.
  • Youtube tutorials.

    igher paying patrons will be sent original pen+paper concept art on a monthly basis. These special concept art packages also come packaged with all sorts of lore.

If you have read this far, then I owe you a massive thanks.

I truly do hope that you all want to see this game come to life as much as I do. I'm confident that with your support, we can make that happen.

This is quite literally and figuratively my dream game.

If you've followed me since the Newgrounds days, you may recognize a lot of these characters and concepts. This is the story I have always wanted to tell, and the sole reason I learned pixel art in the first place.

Here's a trailer that a much younger Carrion created and uploaded 8 years ago:

Any artist/programmers interested in helping out on the game can contact me at [email protected]


14 of 500 patrons
Our current goal is to secure more funding in order to finish the graphics tool for Sleepless Knights and hire additional programming help.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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